Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


New Orleans Seafood Gumbo and Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish

photo by Joyce Tan

Now that I'm back to every 3 days duty (except during NICU proper) expect more posts. :) I promise to blog on more interesting stuff, haha!

Papa will be home soon! $$$uper excited! I love you! :)))


Welcome me back! Haha!
I'm alive and kicking! Fresh from the every other day duty at the clerkless Pedia Ward duties!

For two weeks, I sleep my ass off on my post-duty nights. I get hip and back pains when I wake up because of oversleeping-super duper tired always to the point that I'd rather sleep than go out! Oha! Unbelievable for me!

Last Sunday, I was pre-duty (a rare status). Had lunch at Wok Inn, where else! Haha! I watched Dark Shadows with my brother while mom had her nails done. 

Last Tuesday, on a postduty day, had dinner and drinks with K. Best way to spend a postduty night! ♥ 

Last Wednesday, on a pre-duty day, Joyce and I watched Men In Black III on its first showing day. (totally forgot to take pics)

No matter how toxic my duties are, I'm glad I can still catch movies and have dinner and drinks with special friends. :) Thank you! ♥

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunkissed again


top from Old Navy, skirt from QS by S. Oliver, new customized Havaianas, Andre's Aviator sunglasses from Ray-ban, watch from Technomarine

We love you mom!
Happy mother's day! :)))


Swimming and grilling with the Reyes family

cropped Marilyn Monroe top from Sugaritta, pink maxi dress from Bangkok, gifted earrings from Monette, purple sunglasses from bazaar, watch from  Technomarine, new customized Havaianas


Totally fun weekend with the cousins! :)))