Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my dressing room

Our house is so tiny, we can't contain our stuff already. Haha! I haven't featured my closet yet coz they are small and squishy! They might collapse anytime soon. I wish I have a hollywood-size walk-in closet already, I can't wait to have my own house. For now, I shall study well, be a doctor, earn a lot, (marry maybe) then build my dream house. Hahahaha!

Before my closet, don't forget to check on my other stuff which I posted a long time ago. Teehee!

My Boots as of February 2010 Jeffrey Campbellsss soon please!
My lipsticks and glosses as of February 2010 totally needs updating because of Nyx and Chanel
My accessories as of October 2010
My Havaianas collection as of September 2010 I WILL NOT buy those Missoni limited eds --but I totally missed the Make Your Own this year :( --
My perfume collection as of November 2010 which needs updating coz we got more bottles such as Banana republic, Givenchy, etc.

So here goes my closet

in my sleep attire

devoted for jackets, cardigans and dresses
plus some bags
the top portion is for bags too!

i love dresses! i try to organize them by color
look how squishy they are, you can't see them clearly,haha!

more bags on the top cabinets

devoted for bottoms and tops (again, assorted by color)
I gave away most of my jeans since I prefer dresses already

designer boots

more closet for hardly used clothes, gowns, shoes, bags, etc.
So there!Haha! :D

Monday, May 30, 2011


Thanks to my bestfriend, Jared, for reminding me about our Starbucks coupon which will expire ummm, today (coz it's 12:53am already). I told my brother that we'll go to Starbucks and he was kinda pissed off that he has no choice, haha! So after dinner we drove to Caltex along South Luzon Expressway just to chill. :D

Left: Monica
Right: Andre

do you prefer my turband this way?

or this way? haha!

In Singapore, Bossini was on sale so the boys bought regular shirts and the shopper in me just wanted to buy something too. The ladies tops are more expensive so I decided to just get from the men's, haha! Tada! I got the smallest size but in pink color just so I won't have a hard time making it a bit feminine, hehe! 

Masculine: mens' shirt from Bossini and brother's belt from Tommy Hilfiger 
Feminine: khaki shorts from Forever21, Havaianas High, bag from Liz Claiborne and turband from Flatterbuy 

After coffee, I accompanied my brother for a round of poker with his friends. I love how close I am with his friends that he can actually leave me with them, haha! Good times, indeed! :D

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soft and sharp

Went to Alabang Town Center to catch Kung Fu Panda 2. Po is the cutest!!! I think I'm loving pandas more! haha! And since I hate birds, of course, I hate the peacock Lord Shen. Wahaha!

It was sunny when I left home but I knew that it will rain in the afternoon so I wore my maxi dress as a maxi skirt and put on a loose shirt to capture the laid-back-boho-but-will-work-in-the-rain outfit or so I think. :D

aqua top from Forever21, maxi dress from Boracay used as skirt, Havaianas, aged butterfly chain belt, vintage sling bag, earrings from Indonesia

After the movie, went to buy some stuff from Rustan's then went to Lay Bare to have my eyebrows groomed. 

mom's paparazzi shot from the car

Yes, I'm soft and sharp. I'm a boho girl.

Friday, May 27, 2011


I miss spending Fridays in Rockwell so we went to Powerplant Mall to get my brother's Spalding NBA Neverflat Basketball and watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I decided to wear this dress I got from Singapore to match my tan, haha!

mustard dress from Forever21, shoes from Tonic, vintage bag, bracelet and necklace from Accessorize, watch from Fossil, my brother's Aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban

I always say that I am a mermaid so I keep on laughing when I saw the mermaids luring men, haha! It's so me, wahahaha!!! Oh, Sam Claflin who plays the role of the missionary Philip is so hot!!! My god!!! Haha! I really love Johnny Depp coz he's such a great actor. :D

We had dinner at Zaifu before we went home. :D

my brandless vintage bag
mom's Louis Vuitton

I seriously need to work-out before school starts. And I should try pole dancing next week :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I arrived around midnight in Laguna. The next day (Tues), I wanted to sleep all day but I guess I'm just an early riser. Haha! That afternoon, we went to Alabang for my family's photoshoot at The Picture Company! Oh man, how expensive!!! The photo session is around 4000 and printing is 930/page!!! crazy!!! Plus, u know how dark I am now and we all wore white so I was luminescent! Haha!

intensely playing Mouse trap

dinner at Cafe d' Asie, Bellevue Hotel

white collared top from Cache, jeans from Zara, heels from Trunkshow, bag from Banana Taipei, pearl jewelry set from watch, watch from Charriol

Wednesday, I fixed my new closet which I plan to feature as soon as its completely done. :D

Thursday, went grocery shopping where I got free brewed coffee! Simple joys! ♥ Bought my monthly dose of fashion magazines even if its too late already. I also had my nails done, finally!
Life is never boring! ♥