Tuesday, September 28, 2010

just so lucky

How can I not love the life I'm living?
Ever since I was a kid, we get a lot of discounts from hotels and cruise ships, thanks to family connections!
I usually stay at the hotel at least twice a month now especially that my medical rotations recently are benign.
I get to bring friends at the hotel whenever mom and I spends the night there.

Last night, I brought Peter and Jared with me.
We tried the newly-renovated rooms. As seen previously, the hotel is Zen-inspired but the new rooms are modern minimalist and of course, we love it! Haha! Zen or Modern minimalist, I just love this hotel. =D I know it is very pricey but hey, it is worth it!

To start the night, we had dinner at a Japanese resto-bar nearby. It was a Monday night, Makati is not so congested. Then we had dessert at the new Golden Spoon (in Paseo de Roxas), my favorite! I just love their yogurt though its more expensive than other yogurts. Too bad they only have a few flavors available yesterday.

at Paseo de Roxas

Belgian chocolate and Peanut butter with Almond Roca

Raspberry cheesecake and Boysenberry with cookie dough balls

We walked back to the hotel which is a couple of blocks away. It really feels like walking in New York (which I hope to see soon). We were enjoying the cool breezy weather until it poured! Haha! We were just laughing in the rain. =D

When we saw our suite, we just fell in love. We keep on taking pictures. I will request to my mom to always give me the new rooms, haha! I love all the furniture!

mom's room

in the master's bedroom

study room

the living room and small dining area

i shall bring the chair home

a galactic tinkerbell dress from mom a few years back

loving the flowy dress

Even if it was drizzling, we still swam just so Peter could try the pool. Sauna after!!!

with my iPod nano

with my iTouch
Papa, wherever you are, I know you can read this!please check on the price of iHome there.mwah!

Oh well, this is my life.=D
How's yours?♥

Monday, September 27, 2010

Boho Avenue

For Sunday breakfast, we had mooncake from Mandarin. 

We brought Jared, my adopted brother, to Nuvali. Mom and I wanted to try the Boho Ave also since we missed it at The Fort a few months back.

Since it is bohemian, I decided to go a little boho. Haha!

stacked bangles

maxi skirt worn as dress, beaded belt from mom, sandals with interchangeable lace straps, earrings from Jaynor, sunglasses from Gucci, bag from Tory Burch

Jared is my med school bestfriend, thank you dude!

love this creative shot by my brother using mom's Sony Cybershot DSC-TX5

I know it fits me!haha!

Another exhausting and tiring week but definitely a fulfilling and happy one!

I'm loving my life no matter what.

Hey hey!!!Learn how to have fun!=D