Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boracay 2012

It's my 4th time in Boracay, my 3rd time with my brother and my 2nd time with Jared. Even if Boracay has been a cliched summer vacation spot in the country, I don't think I'll ever stop visiting it. :)

big breakfast meal ♥

because the hotel has its own vans and boats, transfers are very convenient and quick

all the restos at D Mall are jampacked so we chose a fast food where we met Monette and JR before their flight back to Manila

my Shrimp Schezuan

UPCM 2013 and UPLB Bio represent

no new clothes for Boracay! haha!
 dress from Bangkok, Havaianas, bag from Eighty and Ninety, sunglasses from Rayban, earrings from Korea