Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy birthday, Cirque MOTHER Africa!

As mentioned in previous post, I bought tickets to Cirque Mother Africa as birthday presents to my family. :)

dress from Forever 21, belt from Forever21, sandals from Made U Look, bag from Louis Vuitton, watch from DKNY

pre-show dinner at Brothers Burger Magallanes

Good thing, my brother and I had burgers before heading to Resorts World because the show was delayed for an hour! It was their first show (1st out of 9) so people were pissed already for the delay. Good thing, the show was great!!! Haha!

There were a lot of people taking pictures and videos and the ushers were kinda moody in reprimanding them so I took a few shots too. haha! Sorry!

It's such a breath-taking show and it's not purely circus. They have cultural song-dance numbers in between so I must say that the expensive tickets were worth every cent. Watch it! Show will run until April 22. :)

Happy birthday Papa (13), Andre (17) and Mama (18)! I'm so glad you enjoyed the show!
Hopefully, Cirque du Soleil Saltimblanco and Phantom of the Opera! :)