Saturday, December 29, 2012

One More Try

just a few pics of our winning paper dance stint last Christmas
from my mom's camera

one more try...

yay! haha! 100pesos for us!

So so so!The other day, my mom and I watched One More Try while the boys opted to watch Sisterakas. Good thing, I bought tickets via Sureseats because a lot of people were watching at ATC.

long sleeves from Hollister, shorts from Forever21, brogues from Pill, bag from Coach 

My two cents worth on One More Try
  1. The wedges which Angel wore 6 years ago in Baguio is the same pair that she was wearing when she met up with Dingdong (in present time in Manila), hmmm, can I say durable? haha!
  2. I love Angelica's Givenchy, Celine, Hermes, Chanel, name-it bags! :) I also like her clothes but I noticed, hmmm, we both have "puson", hehe!
  3. Carmina and my mom has the same Chanel earrings. Carmina played the role of a doctor but I don't think I have a colleague like her, just watch it! 
  4. The "bayside" bar where Dingdong and his friend had some drinks is one of my favorite bars in the metro which I always promote, Whitemoon bar. check my posts  post1 post2 and post3 
  5. Boys can really separate sex and love. Watch!
  6. A mother will do everything, as in EVERYTHING for her child. She forgets what's right or wrong and as long as she does everything for her child, everything for her is justified.
  7. Zanjoe is such a martyr, why? Sayang the lips! :p
  8. You can never justify a mistake by making another mistake. bow.
  9. You might get atrial fibrillations from the climax part. I was symptomatic for a while, haha!
  10. In real life, I think I'll be Angelica. If my kid has severe aplastic anemia, I'll do everything but not borrow my ex from his wife just for me to have another kid. I know I'm not yet a mother, but I think I won't do what Angel did. bleep! watch!!!
One more try is a must-see movie! Go go!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Xmas: his family

Right after our party, we left for Batangas to go to my boyfriend's grandparents' place.
There we had dinner and we gave our gifts to his family.

me and his mom

at the "kubo" or hut where we always stay
me playing Pinoy Henyo, won Php 100

his turn, we won Php200

Oh yeah! We won Php400 from playing paper dance and Pinoy henyo, good job! :)
We left late, went back to my house to pick up my things before heading back to my apartment. We were both so sleepy while he was driving to Manila so I did my best to keep us awake, hahaha! It was fun being with my beloved the whole Christmas day and we got to spend time with both our families. :) 

Ooohhh honey, you are one of God's greatest gift to me! I love you so much!
 reposting our lovely picture

Xmas: My family

I was post-duty on the 25th so I was able to attend the traditional Christmas reunion of the King family.
During that time, I haven't decided on what to wear until I saw the Topshop dress which I bought more than a year ago on Topshop's private sale. I haven't worn this dress because I was saving it for a special date but I guess this Christmas is the time to wear it already.

dress from Topshop, bag from Balenciaga, sandals from VNC, earrings from Forever21

our first Christmas together, awww!!! :)
my man: polo shirt from Zara Man, pants from Uniqlo, shoes from Lacoste, watch from Fossil

our "pabitin" of money

drinking games for the boys


Pinoy Henyo (what else?)

Happy holidays from the Reyes family!

I'm so thankful that I got to spend Christmas day with my family (and his family, next post)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Xmas Date: Housemate

Jared and I decided not to buy gifts for each other anymore but instead eat in a good restaurant.
He suggested Lugang so we went there.

Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao

Kung-Pao Cashew Chicken

Spicy Garlic Fish In Clay Pot

 Spicy Beef And Tendon Noodles Soup

love this pic!

It was a rainy night so I wore my Brit-inspired dress (although its short and is sleeveless), haha! Holiday season is definitely the best time to wear whatever you want, just remember to be confident and feel what you are wearing. Although I know how much weight I gained, just bring it on! haha! Strut the street and halls like a supermodel, ha! :D

cowl neck dress from Karl Edwards, wedges from H&M, satchel from brother, watch from DKNY

Dropped by my favorite shop and bought several dresses, woohoo! I'm so so happy with them, I was giggling while I was at the cashier when I saw how much savings I had from the sale, hahahaha! It was my night to buy something for myself after this gift-giving season, hehe! Shopping high, one of my favorite feelings in the world! :)