Monday, December 17, 2012

Xmas Date: Family

I only learned through facebook that Cotton On opened in Rob already. Unlike the opening of MOA, I never saw any announcements/blog entries, etc regarding this. One of my sisses said that it is largely unfinished so last Sunday after duty, I went straight to Rob to check it.

Cotton On Rob looks larger than the MOA branch. It is more spacious however, it is not well-ventilated (they even have fans in the store, I can't feel the AC), there are paint drippings on the tiles and I'm not sure if the ceiling was really left exposed like that. On the other hand, they have a wider shoe and lingerie selection-yey!

When I was in Singapore, I went gaga over the Cotton On sale but MOA and Rob branches failed to give me that same euphoria. Just the other day, my mom came from Singapore and when I asked about Cotton On, she said it wasn't as good as before either. One of her local friends even said that it is already "rubbish", yes, you read it right! Hmmm, I don't want to say rubbish but may be I'll wait for the upcoming collections to give it a chance. :)But I love the shoes and sandals in Rob! :)))

Singapore loot
from Takashimaya, Twinings, Uniqlo, Jo Malone and H&M

Hohohohoho! Merry Christmas!

Forced my tired body to go home late Sunday even if I'll just be staying at home for 12 hours. I needed to get some stuff because I ran out of clothes in my apartment and for the nth time, I haven't shopped yet.

Invited my family to eat in a nearby German-owned restaurant, Pitstop.

Ceasar salad

my Toffeenut frap

Buffalo wings

 Pitstop Soup

my Burger platter

Cordon Bleu

Ham & Cheese sandwich

Grilled squid

California maki

Cafe Mocha

spending a little time with my family is worth the effort

Happy holidays! I love you family!