Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our own world

I bet that our relationship is one of the best in the planet :)

a men 's shirt from Karl Edwards, shorts from Forever21

Thank you for the love, support and gazillion good times, honey! :)

Cucina Andare

After our afternoon nap at the hotel, we went to Cucina Andare to grab some food before we watched Pacific Rim.

It was disappointing because there are only 4 food trucks and there is a mini-Mercato in the middle although food choices are okay so it's not so bad after all, just don't expect that majority are food trucks! haha!

It's true that the movie is for the kids of the 90s, with all the robots and ala-dinosaur/monsters, it was pretty cool, a no-brainer movie :)

Before heading back to the hotel, we dropped by Chili Peppers for some late-night snacks and drinks :)

Another great weekend for us! :)
I love my boyfriend so much!!! :*

Hotel stays

We spent another weekend at the hotel.
I wore the dress that Rudden gave me, I still don't know how he can buy me good stuff from Uniqlo! I super love this maxi dress! Ooohhh, I love maxi dresses! :)

maxi dress from Paint and Cloth x Uniqlo, flip flops from Tory Burch, sunglasses from Dior, earrings from Cotton On, watch from DKNY, bag from Balenciaga

polo from Cotton On, shorts from Uniqlo, shoes from Aldo, watch from Fossil

 We played pool for a while before I started reviewing/sleeping! hoho!

hello fat girl!

Good thing we ordered paella and boquerones so we didn't go to Salcedo market anymore! :)

I also brought the peach float I made! :)

Monday, July 15, 2013


The boyfriend was sick almost the whole week last week, not permitting him to go to duties and see patients. Last Friday, I brought him to our neighborhood Japanese resto and he liked it! Cheap and worth the price. :)

July glossies

my belt hanger
why do I have so much belt I rarely use!!! hah!

I promise to have more narrative posts and relevant stories after the boards. And, I have plans for my upcoming blog already. :) SOON! :)


I actually enjoyed cooking last week :)

French toast with cinnamon and maple syrup

Buko Pandan

Sago't gulaman

Stir fried pork and brocolli

Italian seasoned cream dory with lemon butter sauce

Mushroom salpicao

Enjoying cooking for my family and my boyfriend. I can't wait for the boyf to teach me how to cook complicated dishes. :)

Bon appetit!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sundays in Tagaytay

We attended Sunday Mass at Pink Sisters in Tagaytay.
We shopped along the small stores outside the church where we brought my honey's favorite chicken empanada, my brother's favorite suman, our favorite pinipig and wild mushrooms and fresh lettuce (in small styro cups) for my daily dinner.

Almost three years ago, my family visited Memory Lane Country Diner.
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I wanted to go back because of the comfort food and my brother wants the potato salad.

top from Forever21, pants from Mango, shoes from Dexter at Payless, bag from Mango, sunglasses from Rayban, watch from Fossil

I can't remember the food being like that. Our food is very very ordinary and expensive for the price. We were disappointed so enough of visiting the place. They charge 100pesos for every car that enters and 10 pesos for walk-in visitors. The 100pesos will be deducted from the restaurant/salon/boutique bill. I guess they have to ask for a fee because some people will go and just take pictures of the place, haha!

I'm not advising you to go there anymore. It wasn't like that before. Sorry Jolina. :)