Monday, March 26, 2012

A great weekend

if only the whole weekend is documented...

One of the best weekends...
And I can't wait for more. :)))
Hope! ♥

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games

Had no chance to read the books but I feel like I'll enjoy the books more than the movie. :) I'll read the books after all my exams :) 

With very limited knowledge on the story, I must say that the movie is interesting and entertaining. Good thing, Jared read the book so I always ask him to explain stuff which are unclear to me, haha!

I feel like I can totally live in the Capitol, clothes are so fun! It's Tessa Prieto-Valdes all over! A Hunger Games party theme will be so fun! Excited for the clothes and make-up! hahahaha!!!

"For inspiration for the Capitol costumes, (Judianna) Makovsky looked at Italian Fascist architecture and the work of 1930s and '40s fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli for her sense of elegance and amusement. Filmgoers get their first taste of the Capitol when Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), the ambassador to the Hunger Games, arrives for the Reaping dressed in a bum-hugging fuchsia dress and a pink wig with a vintage 1930s flower hat stuck on. Her gold booties are from Alexander McQueen, whose work comes to mind when looking at the Capitol dwellers." source

Tried wearing one of the basic tops which I bought for Internship. Wore my head gear which I think is starting to be one of my trademarks (after all the turbands and turbans obsession,haha!). Wore the comfiest leopard wedges to add spice to the outfit. :)

top from Forever21, pants from What A Girl Wants, wedges from H&M, turban from Flatterbuy, watch from DKNY, bag from Banana Taipei

After the movie, Joyce and I went to Starbucks to study. We miss dating each other, haha!

Thanks to all those who appreciate what I wear.
Thanks to those who visit my blog.
To Sis Joie, I was flattered with what you told me earlier. Things like that makes me feel like I have a say when it comes to fashion and styling, haha! You know I love you, always! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

to more benign weekends

Chart rounds then rushed to F21
Arrived too early, the store was still closed, haha!

shorts, top and layered necklace from Forever21, flats from Made U Look, headband from Flatterbuy, bag from Banana Taipei

Bought basic tops for internship, a few dresses and some swimsuits!
I wonder why they have less underwear and sunglasses?!?! :/

Went straight to the nail hooked on alternating colors :) 

Bday: Boys

Was so sick yesterday, I took my last dose of antibiotic and had paracetamol for a 38.4 degrees fever. I managed to eat just 1 banana. :( The next day, after chart rounds, I bought Jollibee Longganisa meal and hot chocolate and had breakfast in bed.

Was fetched by the boys (K,J,T) and went to the grocery to buy some stuff. Started drinking 2pm, wild! K had Amber dinner delivered to my place, had spaghetti, barbeque and pichi-pichi. We finished around 12mn just because I am so sleepy and they still want to drink. Haha!

Still no pictures with these boys, when???hahahaha!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Royal SISzle

When they say it's a costume party, I really come in character. :)

I was supposed to rent a costume but I had a hard time looking for an open Rental shop last weekend. So I went home, grabbed my Pink gown which I just wore at home for my 1st blog-anniversary click, got my mom's silver shoes and bought some toys from the kiddie shop. :)

dress from Forever21, shoes from VNC, bag from Victoria's secret, crown and wand from a random kiddie shop

getting fat again should start thinking of summer!

 This is such a bright idea, starjump 2012 sisses!

death by Leisa's caramel syrup

Disney movie

Cielo's Sleeping Beauty rose

more pics from Zie Versoza

the catwalk

best in costume

That was a royal night!
Good job 2012! 
All for the glory!

Bday: CDO team

Last summer is probably my best summer so far. I went to Singapore and had tour in Mindanao. My Mindanao experience changed my perspective on the place and I'd really love to go back there. The beaches, the people, the pretty restos...:)))

After The Royal SISzle (next post), the CDO team (without our host who is a busy resident) met and went to my place to have some drinks.

Princess Monica waking up Yuan Migrainosus

Princess Monica welcoming Shulysses and Baby Susan

Bacardi Superior

in my apartment room

I love you guys!