Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spending Sundays wisely

How to live life with fun and flavor? Drive to the beach, dig your toes into the sand, read something non-medical, eat halohalo, drink beer, sleep by the shore and just enjoy the day with someone special.

hearts bikini from F&X, cover-up from Gina Benotti Europe, sunglasses from Prada, flipflops from Havaianas


 enjoying my halo-halo

playing in the trampoline

obviosuly, he enjoyed this so much!

my cutest honey!!!

I love you for everything!

Spend your free time wisely! :)
Enjoy the summer!

Poolside Chilling

 el residente trio

I invited Maneesh and Clarkie to have lunch in the hotel. Mom ordered Spanish food for us while Maneesh brought Indian spaghetti and jelly rolls (which I forgot to take pictures of). 



 boquerones en vinagre

ice coffee from Cravings

played tong-its for almost 4 hours

happy saturday
just chilling with friends

This is the life! :)))

Feeling New Yorker

Fresh from the oven...

I got to visit Todd English Food Hall on its first week in Manila. Of course, Monica has to try all the new spots be it a new shopping brand or a new restaurant, haha!

Guess who treated me in Todd English...presenting...my dearest friend for 10 years and the Municipal Health Officer of Romblon, Dr. Enrick Joshua Cruz! woot!!!

Mix Frito
(very expensive for its price)

 Linguini and Clams

US Hanger Steak

 US Hanger Steak with Roasted Bone Marrow
mouthwatering goodness!

OMG cake
OMG expensive also but deadly in yumminess!

It's such a nice experience to try good restaurants with good friends. Thanks Joshie! I miss you!!! Till next time... :)

Im definitely coming back here soon! :) and hey, Magnum cafe is already open! Why so many good restaurants in my neighborhood! When will i ever get to diet??? That's like never! :[

Old Navy and Chelsea

Rudden and I didn't miss the opening night and fair of Old Navy as it opens its door here in the Philippines.

Aside from the games and discounts, we also had free popcorn, nachos and lotsa candies. 

We walked to Serendra and had dinner at Chelsea.

molten risotto balls with chorizo and squid ink

 Classic Creamy Fettucine Carbonara

Chesea's Own Roasted Clam & Sundried TomatoVongole
(if im not mistaken)

Thanks honey for accompanying me always!