Monday, November 18, 2013

Paoay Sand Dunes, Ilocos Norte

Morocco or Dubai? NO!!! It's the Philippines!

Riding a 4 x 4 in Paoay Sand Dunes is wilder than a roller coaster. This is one of the highlights in our Ilocos trip. The whole family enjoyed it and we keep on screaming!

Vast sand dunes
Nice ocean view
Perfect sunset

I tried the sand boarding and it literally is pain in the ass, haha! Climbing the hill is tiring but it was very fun riding it.

First, I tried sitting. I got so thrilled and I raised my hand like riding a roller coaster, no one told me I can't do that! So i fell on my chest!!! hahaha!!! My dad ran to me to the rescue, haha! Dyahe!

This is definitely harder than surfing, skim boarding or wakeboarding! Haha! It was a nice experience although it is exepensive. The one-hour 4 x 4 ride with sand boarding is Php 2500 but this is definitely worth-it. You should never miss it when you go to Ilocos. :)