Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today is mom's flight to Brunei where she'll stay for a couple of days before heading to London. I practically slept the whole day, savoring the few days left before I head back to the hospital. I also finished reading The Bro Code and started my Mini-shopaholic. 

 I ♥ Macadamia nuts to death

 to Europe

 you know what to give me...

Before mom left, she gave me something...
Stella Luna  leather boots in Cacao
worth Php13,800 (yeah, I just need to say that)
from Adora

I don't need another pair but it's another addition to the Boots collection (click).
I need to go to...say, Baguio, so I can wear these lovies! Haha! Or probably, abroad for Christmas! I wish...Haha! 

Enjoy your trip mom! I love you and I'll miss you!
Papa, I think I'll have the sunglasses tomorrow! Weee! Thank you so much! I love you and I miss you! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


mom wearing Givenchy (P**,***)
bro wearing Ray-ban (P**,***)
I'm wearing Forever21 (P365)-haha!!!

I wish Forever21 could provide sunglass cases since they just put them on the small yellow plastic bags. I forgot the hard case I bought from Rustan's so I'm using a soft pouch from Evita Peroni.

floral top from Nava, bag from Banana Taipei, shoes from Tonic, sunglasses from Forever21, watch from Philip Stein, bangles from India

Went to Alabang to watch Crazy, stupid, love. It was a good movie but I feel that it's over-rated. I mean, cmon! haha! We already know that these things happen in real life.

My favorite parts are: 
1. Ryan Gosling with his shirt off 
2. Ryan Gosling carrying Emma Stone like how Patrick Swayze caught Jennifer Grey in that famous "Dirty Dancing" scene (I now need a man who can carry me THAT way)
3. Ryan Gosling with his shirt off
4. Ryan Gosling with his shirt off

From the movie: 
1. No matter how many women/men a person dated, when he/she falls in love...he/she sticks to that one. ahem!
2. In a relationship, we commit mistakes but it doesn't mean, we don't love our partner anymore. But hey, be faithful! Stick to one-a principle I live by (again, when in a relationship).
3. Hot guys do exist! And you can meet them in bars and still give you a real relationship.
4. What you wear matters, all the time! SO suit up!
5. When you find the one, you never give up!

Went gaga shopping at Terranova because they're on sale!  :D
Had early dinner at Rai Rai Ken  

 for my brother: The Bro Code
for me: Mini Shopaholic (finally)

Had a blast today! 
It's the last weekend of mom before she leaves for Europe and she should rest well because she'll be needing loads of energy for shopping there, hahaha! Exciting!
5 more days and I'm going back to the hospital, uh-oh! And I'll be rotating at the Ob-Gyn department, uh-oh! 
I should maximize the rest of my vacation! Productivity productivity!


It's the third day of the long weekend and I heard that traffic in Tagaytay is terrible so me and my brother just had a How I met your mother DVD marathon the whole day.

I was seriously craving for coffee after dinner so we went to Nuvali but as expected, the place was packed. We just had coffee at Starbucks along South Luzon Expressway.

kimono top and silk shorts from bazaar, bag from Jimmy Choo, wedges from Heatwave Singapore

I'm excited to check the new Starbucks near school! :D


The threat of the typhoon stopped me and my family from going out of town. SO yeah, no beach for me the whole month! WEIRD!

Spent the seven hours of my Sunday at the salon. I got hair accents, hair cut and hair spa. :D


My hair procedures did not take seven hours but my mom's mani-pedi, hair cellophane, highlights and cut did! Haha! Preparing for her Euro trip. :p
Thanks for the hair treats mom! Mwah!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


According to news reports, the typhoon Mina will stay in the Philippines for almost 2 weeks becoming one of the longest-staying typhoons in the country. It's a four-day weekend but people can't enjoy the sunny beach all over the country! Well, I guess, surfers may benefit a bit. :D

On our way to Alabang, we passed by Mc Donald's and I tried the hot fudge and caramel sundae duo (despite the rainy weather), weee!!! YUM!!!


Mom went to Belo clinic for another session of won't-tell-what! haha! So Andre and I stayed at BoNa coffee while waiting for her


vintage dress, Havaianas High, bag from Nine West
at S&R, ice cream lovin'!

Bed weather makes me miss someone more!haha!I bought popcorns for you! :D


Friday night is bar hopping night!
Went out to check the bars in our village

1. Aplaya
that's my shadow, haha!

2. Parkin' Place

3. Club Coco

Good times with the boys! :D

Friday, August 26, 2011


Did a lil' pamperin'. went to the salon to have my nails done.

 vintage shirt dress, vintage crocheted backpack, Havaianas

at the salon

The afternoon was spent watching TV and DVDs with N, as usual.

Boredom kills me. I realized that I'd rather be busy than do totally nothing. But I'm not so excited to go back to the hospital, haha! For the long weekend, unbelievably, no plans yet! Kill me!!! :p

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Finally, did something more productive! i went to Chinatown with my grandma and aunts to have lunch at Sincerity.

Our Chinatown visit is incomplete without shopping at Eng Bee Tin.

 shopping galore! carbs overload!

 The food in Sincerity is overrated. :/

We went to the casino after eating. And I won twice! woohoo!!!

from my phone,hehe!

casino outfit, fail! haha! but lucky! $$$