Sunday, July 31, 2011


I wasn't expecting to finish hospital works early. There's another typhoon so I told mom not to visit me anymore but they love and miss me so much that they really need to visit me every weekend, awwww ♥

I wore this frilly dress for this playful rainy weather. I was planning to wear a belt or add a rocker touch but I saw this necklace and decided to just dress up like cutesy patootsy, haha! I grabbed my pink shoes with a huge black bow and I'm set! haha!!!

with my apartment bookshelf full of medical books and magazines

 dress from Mini Mini Paris, shoes from Ichigo, bag from Nine West, gifted necklace, (Zara cardigan for the movie house)

Mom wants to go to California Day and Nail Spa which is her favorite place to have her nails done. So we attended mass, ate lunch at Secret Recipe then bro and I watched Captain America while mom gets her nails done.

 ♥ my first fashion inspiration ♥

Pumpkin soup

Singapore Laksa

Pan-Grilled Dory with Lobster Sauce

Penang Fried Kueh Teow

White Chocolate Macadamia

Chocolate Walnut

I enjoyed the food and the movie! Captain America (Chris Evans) is so hot but Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) is hotter for some weird reason, teehee!!! Saw the trailer after the credits and I'm excited for May 2012!!! I wonder why lately movies are fond of placing teasers after the I want to finish the credits of all movies just to make sure I don't miss anything, haha!

Ooohhh, today marks my anniversary as a single lady, haha! Time flies so fast. It's been a year and yet the past year was the awesomest ever!!! I have done a lot of things, I have traveled quiet a lot, I met a lot of new friends (and partied with them), I have shopped ummmm A LOT, but the the best thing is that I learned more about myself. :D I am a very social person, I like going out a lot and spending time with people but now I learned to be careful whom to trust. 

I'm a coward if I say that I live by the saying "forgive and forget". If people do bad to you, remember them and learn from them. If they do terrible things to you, it's fine to not forgive for years, haha! Let it be! I also beg to disagree with the saying that if you do not wish someone happiness, then you must be bitter and not yet over them. But why do we say if you love them, set them free and you'll be happy if he/she is happy even if someone else? You get my point? Haha! I'm not emoting. These are just some thoughts. I have never written any bitterness in my blog for a year coz I'm not bittah, I'm actually happier. :D Life may be brighter with a partner, but the past year made me realize that spending time with a loving family and awesome friends is more LEGENDARY! ♥

To the right man: I'll wait for you. :D (How about December?haha!Joke!) But really, for now, I'll prep myself to be the best woman for you. ♥

Feeling model

Went to a photo shoot for a magazine which will be released this September. Can't give details yet but I'll post as soon as the issue is released. 

dress from What a Girl Wants, black patent shoes from BCBG, South Sea Pearl jewelry set from mom

I actually posted behind-the-scene shots on facebook but I was asked to take it down until the ish is released. I'm sorry again for posting them. :/ Anyway, can't wait to post the pics. September!!! :D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can't be like this forever

For my post duty, I had a mid-week hotel stay with two of my closest med friends. I realized how I need to detox myself after duty, which means every three days. I feel like I haven't adjusted to this schedule yet. I just feel so tired and I always have this urge to shop or eat or drink or do whatever after my duty. But I said to myself that I can't be like this forever. :/ I need to accept and embrace whatever this doctor's life is. I know I want this but sometimes, I just can't give up doing my routine shopping and night-outs. :/

color blocking eh?

For dinner, we went to Rockwell. The two were really hungry so we ended up eating at Zaifu for a Japanese treat. We ended up ordering average food, haha! So no more Zaifu for us, I guess. haha!

and i saw more lovable rings in Rockwell!!!

I promised myself that I won't shop last night. The Promod sale was overwhelming but the Topshop Buy1Take1 is such a failure, or maybe only in Rob Manila. So at Rockwell, Joyce and I checked Nava. She wanted to buy a pair of glasses while I planned to buy nothing. But no! Monica FAILS always, darn!

top from Space, shorts from Forever21, scarf from Bangkok, flats from Fancy Flats, bag from Jessica Simpson

borrowed Joyce's newly-bought glasses

The mall closed already and I was not able to check the Topshop sale there! or maybe that's a good thing. I need to save for August aka 1-month vacation. Ohhh, I think I'm giving up my Boracay,fine fine! Sayang the tickets though...huhu! Anyway...

Went back to the hotel, J&J studied while I had my weekly dose of body massage. ♥

just like old times, playing with gold coin wrappers

See see see!!! I know I need to change. Ok ok, I shall change starting now. I can't splurge and treat myself every after duty because this will be my life like forever! I think I need August to ponder and take some time off from med. It's not that I'm quitting, I just need to reflect and find joy and happiness from all the things I am doing. I love medicine! But not the toxicity that comes with it, haha! I'm such a social being, I just need to accept everything that comes with this dream and passion. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed, I just need to get used to it. :D I'LL BE A DOCTOR, 2 more years till the Boards. ♥

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


You know I love Zebra print! So for my post-duty, I was on Zebra overload.I wore jeans since I only have one class and my favorite Zebra scrub top which kinda worked as a casual top too! haha! I wore my huge zebra hoop earrings and some zebra underneath too, hahaha!!!

Finally, I'm done with my Pediatric ward rotation. After my lecture, I went straight to Rob and checked my favorite shops: Promod, Call it Spring, Terranova, Accessorize, Aldo, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Mango. If you know Rob Manila (which is known as the annex of UP Manila), you can probably imagine my route when I shop, haha!

I never enjoyed shopping in Robinsons like that before!!! The sale in Dorothy, Topshop and Mango is not good anymore, so I'm glad that I got to check the stores on the first day of sale. BUT the items at PROMOD and TERRANOVA are looove!!! My oh my!!! :D They have new items on sale!!! :p So anyway, I was supposed to do grocery shopping too but I got tired so I just went to the salon to have my nails done. 

For dinner and drinks, I went to Oarhouse with my friend. 

chili cheesy fries

pepperoni breakfast pizza

 Zebra scrub top, naked connector ring from Forever21, heart connector ring from Rockwell bazaar, watch from Technomarine, zebra hoop earrings from Apostrophe

To cap the night off, I finally did some grocery shopping, think of 'drunk grocery shopping' kidding! I never get drunk. :p

Sorry for the lack of decent posts. soon, promise! :p

P.S. Anyone free on August15 for Boracay, I still don't have anyone to go with! :/ Seat sales make me crazy so months ago, I bought ticket even if I don't have company yet. Boo!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Taking a Break

Reinzi's birthday treat last Tuesday at Oarhouse. I arrived late coz I was post-duty so around 12mn people were leaving when I was just starting to drink. Haha! I love Oarhouse

rings from Rockwell and The Fort bazaars

 Oarhouse, see you tonight! :D

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm so exhausted from this Pedia rotation!!!One more week to go at the Wards,I know I can do this!
I don't want any negativity in my yey!!!sending positive vibes everywhere! Thanks to you, for being here. Coz obviously, you're checking my blog, hello!!! :D

Mom's latest acquisitions that I super love! 

Mono Dangler Feather Earrings from Flatterbuy

Chanel Chance

Mom and bro fetched me after doing my Pedia Ward rounds, we can't decide whether we should go to Karl Edwards International Bazaar at The Fort or to Super Sale Bazaar at Rockwell. We voted and of course, mom and I won over Andre (who voted just Karl Edwards), haha! We went to Rockwell first then The Fort, weeee!!! Can I just say that the future wife of my brother will be so lucky coz he is super trained when it comes to strolling and carrying shopping bags aka having a sister and mother who are solid shopaholics!!! :D Thanks bro! I love you!

I'm scared of birds and feathers but this mono dangler does not touch my neck so it's so icky!

post-Super Sale

I super enjoyed the Super Sale Bazaar! They have great items!!! I like a lot of them!!! I'm glad I didn't miss that out. :D I fell in love with the ostrich skin bag and Filipino-made satchel plus lots of pretty accessories!!!

top from Space, skirt from Forever21, snakeskin platforms from Charles&Keith, slingbag from Liz Claiborne, mono dangler from Flatterbuy, watch from Technomarine

with doctor's eyebags :/

one of the things I enjoy in Rockwell :)

I'm so into rings now! especially connector rings!!! I bought 5 rings today! :))

super cute!!!

while shopping at Karl Edwards, a foreigner approached me "Hi Miss!I really like your shoes!Where did you get them?". *blush* Brother: Wow sis! People always ask where you get your stuff, astig! *blush blush*

post-Karl Edwards International

dinner at Kaya in Jupiter Street

MAMA, i ♥♥♥ your new Chanel!!!!!

this should be used atleast twice a month, haha!

Thank you Mama and Andre for always visiting me. Can't wait for one month off next month. :p 

No matter how toxic I am from my duties in the hospital, gimiks and shoppings relax me so I can't miss out my weekend routines! They're the ones who keep me sane. They recharge me for the week ahead. ♥