Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Food and Arts

A date with food and arts
at The Collective


dress from Forever 21, vintage sling bag, customized Havaianas, watch from DKNY

couple on sling bags and chill outfits


simple, modern and chic place
with simple and affordable dishes

Mangkok meals

Salpicao ni Juan

Boneless Pork Ribs

Salted Egg and Tomatoes


his draft beer
my apple mojito
our buffalo wings

Every day, we are oozing with fun and love for each other. :)
Cheers to endless dates and possibilities! :*

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Siszle

It was my last day in Ortho and I slept late to study for our exam. I was so tired that day but I insisted to drop by the sorority activity after our NSS orientation and a quick date with the boyfriend.

We were encouraged to wear red or black so I just grabbed whatever I have in my closet since it's not a formal event anyway.

romper from Forever21, shawl from Europe (forgot the brand), Havaianas, silver bag from Puma, pearl accessories from Palawan

We ended up watching Corazon, a local horror flick. It was so fun to spend a chill night with the sisses. It was relaxing for me esp that I was so tired and sleepy but moments like these just ease me from all the stress. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

PFW Spring Summer 2013: Luxewear Collection

I got two invites for the Spring Summer 2013 shows but I was only able to watch the Friday show.
Thanks Simon Ariel Vasquez, my mom's designer, for the invites! Too bad, Joyce did not get her invite so I watched with my boyfriend's sisters. And well, the boyfie also got in! haha!

I wanted to wear something simple and just accessorize so I wore a black dress which I edited and piled on orange and gold accents.

oh my poor boy who underwent a minor toe surgery
thanks for accompanying your girls despite your difficulty in ambulation :*

edited black dress, Vertebra heels from Sophisticat, orange and gold cuff from Chic Habit, orange and gold bag from Michael Kors, gold watch from mom, gold earrings with heart gem from Forever21

Rudden's girls

Once again, the Philippine Fashion Week is such a nostalgia for me. The atmosphere, the people, everything just makes me feel good. Too bad we were not able to seat near the runway so I wasn't able to take pictures well. Hoping that the photos from the boy's SLR is clear (will upload them soon).

For now, I shall give a few descriptions of each designer's collection, just words or phrases which pops in my mind as I watch the show. And very few clear pics that I got.

 layers, flowy 

earth tones, metallic clogs

 striped stockings, metallic, retro but futuristic at the same time

 elegant, fringed dresses 

 white/cream, ruffled, angelic, minaudiere

 Blair Waldorf, black-pink-metallic, some bordering cheap

white sportif, black borrowed-from-men, big shoes for models thus awkward struts

textures, jersey+leather+tulle

 tailored but loose, boxy

(sorry I don't know why I don't have pic of his name)
 playful, clash of colors, rompers/jumpsuits with inner longsleeved leotards

flowy layers of pastel chiffons with gigantic geometric earrings
(my favorite collection) 

posh office wear, business tycoon

coats and dresses with cutouts, pretty

neon and sheer

asymmetry, boxy, loose, skin

I wonder why there was no final catwalk, it ended abruptly after the last designer. The final catwalk is one of my favorite parts in a fashion show-the endless applause, the models wearing collections of different designers, the confetti (not always though), the final walk of all the designers, ooohhh, I was waiting for that! My sweep panorama is so ready!

See you next season! :)