Thursday, January 31, 2013

Binondo Food Trip

After an exhausting OPD day, we went to Chinatown for dinner, weeee!!!

At Wai-ying

2 orders each of Chicken Feet, Siomai, Hakaw and Sharksfin

At Lamien

fresh Lamien

Beef Lamien

Pork Lamien Guisado

Fresh Diced Hopia from Baker's Fair

at Lovely CI Tea

mounds of tikoy for the Chinese New Year

My greatgrandfather is 100% Chineses, so there is still some Chinese blood in my body.
We still observe some Chinese practices and I never get tired of eating Chinese food no matter how readily-available and common they are. Authentic Chinese food is still different. 

Chinese New Year in a few days! :)

Nights and mornings

Study session at Gloria Jean's, Pan Pacific Hotel

he studied
she slept (most of the time)

Cooking breakfast together

pancakes and Carnation hot chocolate milk

Manila Bay Cruise Buffet

We were so excited to try this cruise buffet which is actually a Christmas gift to us.
We arrived extra early so we had time to walk around the area. Too bad it was cloudy so the sunset is not so pretty.

dress from Androgyngy, Dexflex flats from Dexter at Payless, bag from Louis Vuitton, wath from DKNY, pearl accessories from Palawan

these are the best flats


It is a new experience for us, although we had high expectations. We were disappointed. The food is the worst food I had in my entire life. Everything has weird taste except for the korean beef, but if I'll rate the food over-all, its a 1/5, 1 for the korean beef. Boo! I know! So please, don't waste money on it.

Saving grace for the night is of course, the company of my boyfriend. We both didn't like the food and most of the crowd, so we just enjoyed ourselves and imagined that we were cruising, just the two of us.

I apologize for the bad review but it is the reality. :)
Thank you honey for still enjoying the night with me, it is truly an experience we will never forget, hahahaha!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Attended the mass at Ayala Westgrove where Rudden and his family went also
It is our first time to hear mass there and truly, the place is so solemn :)

happiest couple 

mommy talks 

top from mom, leggings from Pink Manila, sandals from Karl Edwards, bag from BCBG, watch from DKNY, rhodium bracelet from South Africa, earrings from Palawan, sunglasses from Liz Claiborne

Lunch at Gerry's Grill coz we are craving for our usual fixes

Went shopping in Paseo de Sta Rosa after
OOoohhh, I am truly grately for this weekend not only because I got to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend but with both our families as well.
I can't wait for next weekend :)