Thursday, July 29, 2010

Western Girl

super cute right?

dress from Sugaritta, Enzo Angiolini boots, gifted clutch

I was so excited to the wear the dress I bought for a very very cheap price. I really find the dress cute, haha! Plus I was able to come up with the Western Girl attire. =D 

complete batch of Mu Sigma Phi Sorority 2013 of the University of the Philippines, Manila

I'm so excited for tomorrow.=D
Plus, I'll get to ransack my boyfriend's closet since I'm currently into menswear for casual days, woohoo!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am pretty busy this week. With community visits every afternoon and events every night, I decided to invite Jared and Joey to go to the hotel to chill and detoxify.
Good thing we left Malate past the uwian traffic.
After touring Joey in the hotel, we swam then went out to Tokyo Metro, a Japanese bar. wahaha!!! Jared and I went went back to the hotel drunk from gluttony. haha!!! After a little chit-chat with my mom, I slept while Joey and Jared were doing their SGD papers.

beige dress from Karl Edwards, orange ostrich skin bag from Rockwell

a souvenir shirt from Cabo, Mexico bought by my dad

sauna time ♥


one Saketini please!!!

"But even though Chanel insisted on having the best of everything, she didn't insist on having everything".- Karbo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Abercrombie shirt, bohemian skirt from Bangkok, necklace from Egypt, watch from Guess, Havaianas

Happy birthday Reinzi!

Monday, July 26, 2010

High-low fashion (88th entry)

High-low fashion is so me! I would not usually splurge on super expensive clothes but I'll wear them with designer shoes or bags. I recently encountered the phrase "high-low fashion" and it's so me. I actually never thought that such a phrase exist, weird. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed on how bigtime bloggers are dressed up head-to-toe with designer items. I realized that most of them are actually stylists and entrepreneurs which give them a lot of opportunities to dress up and lots of money to buy expensive stuff. Lucky for them! That is something that is not going to happen to me any time soon. Haha!

I actually don't see this blog going in the high ranks of the Philippine fashion blogosphere. The primary intention of this blog is to please myself, haha! you see, I'm vain, I'm a narcissist. I love taking pictures of myself since forever and I just post them because I always look back at them, haha! I'm not a fashionista or a trend-setter, I just love to shop and dress up. I don't have a certain style. I wear whatever. I'm very casual. Through blogging, I learned how not to be judgemental and be open to all kinds of fashion styles (you name it). I can see in my eyes the transformation of a better fashion world in the Philippines. Girls and boys dress up so well nowadays. Girls are more experimental with styles and boys are not afraid to be branded as metrosexual if they dress up fasyon.

my dad's long sleeve polo from Versace Couture Jeans, khaki shorts from Greenhills, gold Melissa shoes, brown Michael Kors bag
a sayang shot
Last Sunday, we were supposed to go out for my cousin's birthday, my maternal grandparents' anniversary and my tito's despidida. However, my brother and cousin arrived home late from their Batangas mountain climb. And as Jaynor was about to fetch me already, we ended up eating at Max's which is one of the fairly decent restaurants in our village.
Jaynor and I headed back to Manila, as we always do on Sundays (this time no mall stopovers).

Going back to high-low fashion...Wear whatever you like, may it be vintage, cheap buy or a designer item. Ordinary people can be stylish and no one can judge you. May this simple blog make people realize that blog is a tool to express and showcase yourself.

With the tsunami of fashion stores in the Philippines, may we all enjoy admiring, buying, hoarding clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and wear them with so much confidentiality. Don't be afraid to dress up and express yourself.♥

P.S. for some weird reason, there is an error when clicking the pictures to maximize it.Hope it won't happen in the succeeding entries.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fridays I ♥♥♥

Accompanied my mom to Serendra for her appointment at Curves, "the largest fitness franchise company in USA, with one Curves for every 2.5 McDonald's". While she was at the orientation, I was strolling around and actually bought dresses and whole wheat pastries. My mom enrolled at Curves which means my once a week visit to The Fort will be 2-3 times visit already, haha!

Mom, Tita Melissa and I shopped at echostore, I so love their organic body wash. I bought organic hand sanitizer in Watermelon and Sugarcane. Mom bought some supplements, organic detergent and organic chips. 

Sylvia Piñero dress, wide striped belt, gray Zara patent bag, pink Harrods shopping tote, IPE Havaianas


Roasted Portobello mushroom pizza

Pasta Vongole

I choose Apt1B over Chelsea's, sorry. I'll be at the hotel on Tuesday, hope I'll have money for Apt1B. Or I can try Le Bistro Vert owned by Chelsea's Chef Sau del Rosario. 

My schedule for the following weeks is jampacked. I never thought Community Medicine is toxic, argh! Also, I have several events this coming weeks so I hope I won't be so harassed. I hope there will be no Saturday classes so I can go to LB this coming weekend.=)

One more post and I'll be publishing the link to this blog in my facebook account.=)

Friday, July 16, 2010

R-18:FHM's 100 Sexiest Victory Party

Thank you so much Dana dela Cruz for the tickets!!!
I had fun at FHM's party! The stage design is very Las Vegas, the production numbers are amazing and the girls are ummmmmmmmm sexy and confident, haha!

dress from Pink Manila, shoes from Substance-Rustan's, bag from Bay United Kingdom, bangle from Egypt, earrings gift from boyfriend

with Joyce

photo by Nikki Espiritu

photo by Nikki Espiritu

photo by Nikki Espiritu

photo by Nikki Espiritu

photo by Nikki Espiritu

photo by Nikki Espiritu

photo by Nikki Espiritu

photo by Nikki Espiritu

photo by Nikki Espiritu

photo by Nikki Espiritu

with Nikki, Joyce and Zan

I can't wait for Cosmo Bachelor Party 2010, woohoo!!!