Friday, November 30, 2012

Family Dinner

The day after the father of Rudden left the country, my father arrived. I wasn't able to fetch him but we set a dinner the next day (since I'm preduty) at Gloria Maris, Alabang. It's my dad's first time to meet my boyfriend, yeehee!

Before going to Alabang, we watched the Tree Lighting Ceremony of the PGH Christmas Tree c/o our beloved sorority. :) Good job, Class 2017!

pic c/o my sis, Shelly
Thanks sister for allowing me to use your pic, hehe! 

Gloria Maris, Alabang

no time to change, haha!

Another gluttony day for me, hahahaha!!! I love eating! :)))

Now I'm back in the wards, I'm on duty. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow-Manila Auto Salon 2012 and St. James Bazaar! yey! :)))

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good morning, Tagaytay!

We went to Tagaytay early morning to hear the mass at Pink Sisters in Tagaytay. It's our first time to hear mass together and our first time also with his family.

switching sunglasses

We had brunch at Gourmet's, this is my second time here. They love eating here.

dress from Dorothy Perkins, knitted cardigan from Terranova, sandals from Le Donne, bag from Louis Vuitton, sunglasses from Ray-ban, watch from DKNY

bought Lettuce and Pesto Chips and gourmet bread

It's a great way to spend my Sunday with the boyfriend's family.
Ohhh, I love them! Thank you, thank you so much! :)
This week, my dad is coming home and finally he'll meet my boy, yeehee! :)
Also this week, I'll be rotating with Internal Medicine-challenging but definitely my favorite of all. I shall assess myself after this-so far, IM vs Ophtha. :) Let's see!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

24/7 in Love

Yes, the movie!
It is a local flick which is just like Love Actually, Valentine's Day, Je T'aime, New Year's Eve, New York I love you, etc... It tackles different kinds of love. :)
My brother was forced to watch with me and my mom but everyone enjoyed it. It's actually a good movie. I cried in some parts but I love the Bea-Zanjoe plot the most. :)

mom's zebra dress, sandals from Pabder, bag from Louis Vuitton, watch from DKNY

Christmas shopping at Gourdo's where decors are discounted, wee!
Honey, bought something for us! Excited!

light dinner at Hossein's

Chicken Hummus

Lamb Shish Torsh Kebab

Beef Shawarma Salad

Beef Shawarma

I've been eating a lot lately and I mean, eating like a glutton! :((( But I'm happy, hahaha!
I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog esp that it's not a fashion blog anymore, it's just like an open diary of my life. hmmmm...

Excited to watch the Zoren-Carmina wedding which is airing in a few minutes.
Excited also to watch the MMFF Film "One More Try". A winner line shown in the trailer is "Kahit isang gabi lang, pahiram ng asawa mo." Crap, it should be a good movie. Let's see. 

Enjoy the weekend! :)
And stay in love 24/7, just like me! :*

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hotel Christmas

I was able to catch the tree lighting ceremony in the hotel which was headed by (no other than) my mom.
This year, she got the choir from the Philippine School for the Blind. Every year my mom gets choir from special schools, organizations or orphanages; this is not to exploit them but to help them but more so to raise awareness to the guests (most of them are foreigners) that these kids are talented despite whatever they have.

all on coats

the doctor and the hotelier

lounging after a tiring day

dinner at Sumoutori

if only Salmon Sashimi is not as expensive, i can eat a tray everyday

Hohohoho!!! Merry Christmas everyday!
Sending you my oozing love! :*