Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good morning, Tagaytay!

We went to Tagaytay early morning to hear the mass at Pink Sisters in Tagaytay. It's our first time to hear mass together and our first time also with his family.

switching sunglasses

We had brunch at Gourmet's, this is my second time here. They love eating here.

dress from Dorothy Perkins, knitted cardigan from Terranova, sandals from Le Donne, bag from Louis Vuitton, sunglasses from Ray-ban, watch from DKNY

bought Lettuce and Pesto Chips and gourmet bread

It's a great way to spend my Sunday with the boyfriend's family.
Ohhh, I love them! Thank you, thank you so much! :)
This week, my dad is coming home and finally he'll meet my boy, yeehee! :)
Also this week, I'll be rotating with Internal Medicine-challenging but definitely my favorite of all. I shall assess myself after this-so far, IM vs Ophtha. :) Let's see!