Monday, September 26, 2011

Europa haul

Mom arrived last week from her Europe vacay. And of course, I'm just so excited to get home to see what she bought! Though she was not able to bring home everything due to baggage overload and she sooo doesn't want to pay for the expensive fees-she's opted to have the other packages shipped via a courier or something.

 mom attended the opening of the Oktoberfest at Munich, Germany
souvenir shopping bags
Vera Bradley journal
scarf from Alex Max, belt and socks from Puma

skirt from Qs by S. Oliver, top from H&M, top from Gina Benotti, some souvenir shirts from Italy

heels from Hugo Boss

soft duffel bag from Sportmax by Max Mara

The Piper Bag from Furla
The Piper bag is characterized by its avantgarde silhouette combined with an exotic material like the ostrich printed calf leather. The frontal pocket is decorated by the fancy business style padlock closure.

Can't wait to open the other packages! Thanks mom! You're the best! ♥

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Andre and I went to Alabang for our weekly dose of movie. We watched Horrible Bosses which is quite a good movie. We ate a lot during the movie-one burger each and shared a jumbo Taters cheese popcorn! Love popcorn! oooohhhh, may i just add...Jason Bateman is hot!!!

top from Xoxo, spectator brogues from Pill, Artsy bag from Louis Vuitton, multilayered necklace from Forever21, rhodium bracelet from South Africa

Now that I go on duty every three days, I seem to have no weekends anymore. So when given the opportunity, I always go out and make sure that I have time to relax and recharge for my next duty. :D 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last week, Joyce, Natalie and I were interviewed for CosmoTV.
This week, the Health&Lifestyle's 2nd Mu Sigma Phi Sorority issue was released and I am proud to be a feature story contributor for the September issue. :D Media-packed! haha!

I was tapped by some of sisses to write about blogging and they had to convince me since I'm not a good writer, I'm so dyahe! haha! I submitted an article which I brainstormed when I was in Camiguin. 

During the photoshoot for the magazine... of the consultant editors told me that she prefers that I write more on myself and blogging and not just fashion blogging in the Philippines. I was even more excited to rewrite my article but I was scared that I might look self-conceited. I also submitted 10 blog screenshots of famous Filipino bloggers but I was surprised to see that they did not use it! They got random pictures from my blog! :/ How I wish they contacted me and asked me to submit pictures, so that I could have chosen more fashionable clothes, haha! See, its important that you always look good so that you look presentable if random people grabs your photos from the net, haha!

Grab yourselves a copy of Health&Lifestyle magazine's September issue featuring the first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia. :D

Great job sisses!
Kudos to Jan Quijano and Dr. Chee Garcia!
So damn proud to be Mu!
All for the glory!♥

Sunday, September 18, 2011


My batchmates and I had dinner at Cyma to celebrate Cybill's birthday. It's Cyma's second day at Rob Midtown. :)

top from Cuenca bazaar, skirt from Calliope Italia, bag from Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons, sandals from Tory Burch

Happy birthday, Cy! Great food!

I already have Preview, Cosmo, Mega and Metro but I'm only done with Preview. Again, I devour every page of a magazine, haha! But this month, I can't wait to see one magazine!!! I need to have a copy soon!!!!! :))))


I am off this weekend yet I spent the whole Saturday sleeping after my toxic 24-hour duty at the OB Labor and Delivery Room. I woke up late and ate my first meal around 8:30pm. I had Paotsin Asian Chicken with dumplings, Rocky Road dessert bar and a bottle of Tanduay Ice-coz a weekend is not a weekend without some alcohol. :D

I didn't go home anymore because my brother attended a friend's night swimming party. I wasn't expecting them to visit me the next day (Sunday) because I'm sure he wants to rest, but tadah, he visited me with our grandpa and brought home-cooked food for me. ♥

 Finally, I also have a Ray-Ban aviator! :D It's my first time to use it! Thanks Papa!



top from Fab, DIY cut-offs from Mudd Jeans, bag from Victoria's Secret, sandals from Tory Burch, sunglasses from Ray-Ban


I invited Jared to join us for lunch. :D As usual, we ate at Wok Inn here in Malate before passing by the church. When we were about to go back to our apartment, Jared told me he wanted to check the book fair at SMX and without thinking, I asked my brother to drive us to MOA, haha! My only concern was that I'm not prepared--clothes-wise. :(

There are a lot of medical books on sale! We went crazy! It was so fun browsing through them. It was also good to see consultants and fellow medical students especially those buying books for next year's board exams, haha! Exciting!
David Pomeranz was there to promote L. Ron Hubbard's book. :)
We went to MOA to check the mall-wide sale. The place is so crowded! My goal is just to grab a copy of the H&L magazine but it is not yet available, grrr!

We saw Billy Crawford hosting the Sony Walkman event. :)

I was planning to study in advance to make up for all the sleeps I had the past days, haha! But no! When it comes to shopping and events, I just can't say no! 
Don't worry I'm still in the running towards becoming a doctor. Haha!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

R-18: Beyond Hot

NO Minors allowed!

Ready for total HOTNESS?

No descriptions needed, haha!
The event was a blast! :D I hope I can attend every year! :)