Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday at Friday's

We had the annual Christmas reunion of my high school barkada last night at ATC. We had dinner at Friday's just because we met in that area and we're hungry already,haha!

 plaid long top from Levi's, DIY cut-off jeans from Mudd Jeans, shoes from Charles&Keith, bag from Fendi, newly-gifted watch from DKNY, earrings from Korea

Trisha and Kathleen, we miss you!

Bam's Alexander Wang Rocco bag

 How I wish we could meet up more often! Last night was so fun,haha! I totally missed you guys! Hope our out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip will push through! Love you all! ♥

Sunday, December 25, 2011

through the years

top from Gap, leggings from Karl Edwards, watch from Guess

 dress from Bangkok, Havaianas, necklace from Macau

gifted dress from my brother, brown suede boots from Nine West, watch from Fossil

headband from WTC, padded top from Mango Barcelona, tights from Old Navy, boots from Aldo, accessories from Maldives

coral top from Forever21, peep toe wedges from Cole Vintage, Alexa bag from Mulberry, watch from Technomarine, earrings from Noel bazaar

dress from Androgyny, leopard wedges from H&M, patent-velvet black bag from Mulberry, earrings from Korea

Oooh I love Christmas! ♥
Hope you had a great one!


For the past 15 years, I am the host of our family Christmas gathering and this year might be my last :( Internship's no-holidays sucks! But lets think of now first!Celebrate! :D

dress from Androgyny, leopard wedges from H&M, patent-velvet black bag from Mulberry, earrings from Korea

Chicken Kilawin Guam-style
Crispy Noodles
Lechon Kawali
Baked tilapia
Grilled Spareribs
Pork Barbeque
Strawberry Cheesecake

Rock Paper Scissors
Guessing Game
Longest Breath
Bring Me
Musical Spoons
Cotton Ball relay
Pinoy Henyo
Longest Line
Egg catching (the reigning champions for 4 years: Monica Reyes&Hans Cruz)

Dance number from the de Jesus family
Song number from the Mitra family

the King sisters

with the hubbies

the Panlaqui clan

King nieces and nephews

King granchildren

the Reyesfamily

 I had shirt customized for him...

 thanks Print Republic!

the Stinsons wishing you a great Christmas!