Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One night
A yellow floral skirt worn high-waisted with a lace top
A Tigerlily feather monodangler

lace top from mom, vintage floral skirt, bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, sandals from Forever21, Tigerlily monodangler from Flatterbuy, cuff chain from WTC bazaar

March issue of Metro and Mega

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2nd Gawad Panitikang Pangkalusugan

The Gawad Panitikang Pangkalusugan is a NATIONWIDE children’s storybook writing competition with HEALTH as its main theme. Entries written in English are geared to bring into light health issues and concepts to Filipino children aged 5 to 10 years.

It challenges participants to break away from a clinical, straightforward and sanitized presentation of health and to mold it in a form that is enjoyable and of interest for its young audience.

The project not only seeks to raise relevant health issues to the national consciousness, it also carries an advocacy for literacy and education, even as it celebrates Filipino ingenuity and culture.

 Last February 20 to 24, the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority held the first Gawad Panitikang Pangkalusugan exhibit at the UP College of Medicine. Watch out for this exhibit at a school near you!
If you want to participate in this series of exhibits, feel free to contact
picture from Grazielle Versoza

The Mu Sigma Phi Sorority is now accepting entries for the second Gawad Panitikang Pangkalusugan - a Nationwide Children’s Storybook Writing Competition on HEALTH. In its second year, the competition carries the theme: “Luksong Tinik: Kwentong Kaligtasan para sa Kabataan”.

1. The contest is open to all Philippine residents aged 18 and above with the exception of members of the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority and their first-degree relatives.

2. All entries must be original works written in English.

3. Entries should be easily read and understood by readers aged 5-10 years old.

4. Writers are free to use various literary forms (prose, poetry, etc.) and genres (i.e. comedy, horror, science fiction, fantasy).

5. Entries must be no more than 500 words and must be able to sustain a 24-page illustrated book.

6. Writers must address issues of child safety in any of the following categories:
a. Safety in the Home
b. Safety in Public Places
c. Safety on the Road
d. Safety in Cyberspace and Media
e. Safety in School
f. Safety in Natural Calamities
g. Safety in Armed Conflict
7. A contestant may send more than one entry.

8. Entries must be double-spaced on 8 ½ x 11 inches bond paper, with one-inch margin on all sides, typewritten or computerized using black ink on white paper. The font should be font size 12 Arial or Times New Roman if computerized.

9. Entries shall consist of an original and six (6) copies, placed in an envelope, on the face of which only the pen name of the contestant should appear. A notarized certification from the author must be included, vouching for the originality of the entry and for the freedom of the organizers from any liability arising from the infringement of copyright in case of publication, and affirming that the entry or any variant thereof has a) never been published nor b) won any other contest i.e. that it has never won 1st place in any other contest or otherwise been awarded a medal, a citation, or included in a publicized list of meritorious entries to a literary contest.

10. Together with each entry, contestants must submit a second envelope, on the face of which the pen name shall appear. This must contain the personal data sheet, with the contestant’s full name, address, contact numbers, and a short literary background. All entries must be sent through snail mail to P.O. Box 608, Manila Central Post Office c/o Margaret Rose C. Bocaya, U1122 Malate Adriatico Grand Residences, Ermita, Manila.

11. All entries must be received by the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority from December 5, 2011 to no later than 5:00 p.m., May 15, 2012.

12. There will be one winner per category. The judges also reserve the right to declare that there are no winners in some or all categories. Each winner will receive P25,000.00 in cash, a gold medal, as well as an opportunity to be published. Winners will be announced no later than August 15, 2012. The decision of the judges will be final. Non-winning entries may be claimed from P.O. Box 608 until May 15, 2013 at U1122 Malate Adriatico Grand Residences, Ermita, Manila.

13. All unclaimed non-winning entries will be destroyed.

14. When the winning entries are published by the MSPS, it is understood that the MSPS is the sole exclusive publisher and claims ownership of the copyright. The prizes for the winning authors will serve as the only payment for the copyright.

 For more info visit

Winning Entries of the First Gawad Panitikang Pangkalusugan
Maki's Colorful World
Down Syndrome
Find out what lies in the basement.

 The Untold Story of SuperBoy
Find out how SuperBoy came to be.

Spirit of the Rain
Cough & Colds
When was the last time you played in the rain?

Cerebral Palsy
In the unlikeliest places, Maya finds a friend.

5 Seconds Only
Does it really take 5 seconds for them to invade your food?

 For more info visit or email

Monday, February 27, 2012

Summer Heat

I can feel the summer heat!

plain tube top, pants from Maldives, bag from Tory Burch, Havaianas, sunglasses from Michael Kors, watch from DKNY, necklace from Island Souvenirs, earrings from India

Watched Jack and Jil in Alabang. It was a hilarious movie. :)
Came to realize that no matter how full I am, I just can't watch a movie without a bag of popcorn, haha! It's just incomplete without it. 

5 more weeks and I'll be done with 4th year med school. But before anything else, I shall take a lot of exams first! I want to start studying this week but next week is my birthday week already!!! And of course, I am so excited for my traditional week-long celebration! weehoo!!! :D

SISzling Picnic

Headed to Paco Park for some SISzling time with the sisses
Never expected that the place is neat and pretty :)
How I wish all parks are like this

Unlimited Nail Art

floral polo from Nava Rockwell, DIY cut-offs from Mudd Jeans, belt from Hermes, bag from Tory Burch, Havaianas, watch from DKNY, sunglasses from Michael Kors


sisses love

rainbow on my gold nails

shade bathing,haha!

touch ball



A fun day at the park :)