Monday, February 13, 2012

Up up North

While I was at Zark's, Precious called me up and invited me to go to the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga and without thinking, I said yes. Haha!

along North Luzon Expressway

We planned to leave around 1 am but we left 3am already,haha! We fetched Duds in Makati then headed to Clark. We arrived 7:30am and I witnessed the heaviest traffic on Earth! We can't get close to the entrance of the freeport so we parked (like all others) along the highway---so refugee! Haha!

We saw the balloons from afar, I didn't attempt take pics anymore. We settled by the perimeter of the airport, spread my beach mats and watched the aircraft exhibitions. Yes yes, I was quite disappointed because we weren't able to get close to the balloons but the experience was still fun! The cool breeze made us feel like we were in Baguio. It was the perfect moment to literally chill.

top from Plains&Prints, printed leggings from Forever21, sandals from Forever21, belt from The Ramp, shawl from Universal Studios Singapore, bag from LongChamp, bracelets made of recycled newspapers from St. James Bazaar, watch from Philip Stein, earrings gifted

more pictures from Precz's camera

Happy day! :D