Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eating time, here again

I was fetched by Rudden and his brother in PGH. We went straight to MOA where the rest were doing their shopping. I met his Tita Lea who just arrived from the US.

We shopped. I checked Forever21's sale but I didn't get anything, most items on sale are rocker and sequined items. Yes, I was kinda frustrated, except for the accessories. :) I'm still hunting for grad dresses but I still don't know what I should wear under my toga. However, I found a few items from Caliope Italia, good buys!

They want Filipino food for the balikbayan so they chose to eat at Lamesa Grill which is apparently owned by Sharon Cuneta.

lumpiang tinapa

Lamesa Grill

Bicol Express

Sinigang na Salmon Head


top from Forever21, uniform skirt, satchel from my brother
This is what I wore in the hospital for my chart rounds

Sunday, February 24, 2013


It was a post-duty Sunday
I went straight to the hotel to get some sleep.
We had Aristocrat chicken fillet barbeque and kare-kare for lunch.

my lovely momma

My Rudden and I drove to The Fort to check on IHOP, of course, there were a lot of people waiting. We didn't dare anymore. Besides, some say that the pancakes are not extraordinary, so I'm good with my Maya and Pillsburry for now. Hehe! Good pancakes, they say, are chocolates pancakes and new york cheesecake, we'll give it a few months maybe before we try IHOP. :)

We checked single shop in High Street because I'm looking for birthday and gradiation clothes, hihihihi!!!

dress from Forever21, pink thong sandals from Forever21, bohemian bag from Old Navy, watch from DKNY, earrings from Aldo

After shopping, we had dinner at Nolita (North of Little Italy).

Chicken parmesan pizza

Pesto grilled chicken with sundried tomato pizza

Beer battered onion rings

We drove to Burgos Circle to grab some drinks but I can't resist macarons, so we stopped by Bar Dolci. I had blueberry, thai tea, ferrero, strawberry, biscotinni and got a free macaron. My boyfriend had toffee roca and browned butter pecan gelato.

We drove back to the hotel where we had a good sleep in each other's arm (best place in the world).

News watching before heading home

Check-out time

It is inevitable that we are inseparable. We are together every day but as soon as he drops me off in the hospital, I miss him right away. It seems impossible but it's true. :) 

We've been cooking our own food in the apt so I have less things to post aside from food, haha! Bare with us, this seems like a food blog already. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TravelExpo (day3)

I was at days 1 and 3 of the Travel Expo as I was looking for more good deals for the summer. However, I was kinda hesistant when some of my classmates were hesistant to absent from our board review! Boo!!! I know I can't stand studying without relaxing. Haha! Oh well, will still try to go out and enjoy summer not just bury myself reviewing. ;)

Lunch at Holy Cow Steak Ranch and American Grill

Kukay's mini Red Velvet cupcake
perfect per mouthfull

I've been taking pictures using my iPad mini. I can't wait for my new camera! :)

Random: I can feel that once I get into residency, I'll have less things to post and less time to upload as well. I kinda felt that the blog is getting boring, I know. With people starting to repost Instagram pics in FB, hmmm, maybe I can just post there, hehe! Let's see. I'll still post as much as I can. And though I only have a handful of followers, still, thank you! :)


My boyfriend and I went to the TravelExpo on its first day to purchase our tickets for our first major out of town trip. We got a good deal, I can't wait!

We we're so tired after, we went to MOA to have dinner and we chose to eat at A veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante. Food again!

Just for the sake: top from Cotton On, turband from H&M, leggings from Uniqlo

Seriously, exercising and reducing on food now! :) *give me a pat*

What is Valentine's?

I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend whom I get to see every single day, who patiently waits for me after my hospital duties and who makes all ways possible just to spend time with me.

We decided not to be the traditional couple who would exchange gifts on special occasions or go out on a date on Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day, I was tired from duty and I slept while my boyfriend prepared Tuna Puttanesca from scratch. He locked me in the room just so he can prepare our food. I was itching to go out as I smell the aroma of his dish.

We had our dinner like in a typical day except for the Alice Blue scented candle and the flowers.

I never spent Valentine's like this before but this is truly the most special one.

My love for this boy is exponentially growing every second :)

I love you with all my heart, soul and tummy!
Thanks for the unbelievable love! :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Breakfast with him is one of my favorites
our light breakfast after our late night dinner buffet

Rudden and I went to Resorts World Manila to have lunch with my mom and my brother.

So proud of my friend who is the organizer of the Imperial Festival! Good job Pipo!

polo shirt from Merona, skirt from What A Girl Wants, Havaianas Flash, Alexa bag from Mulberry



Lunch at Red Crab

Was so tired, I immediately fell asleep when I got back in my apartment and just woke up dinnertime. No, no, I won't be eating dinner tonight. I'm drinking my Twining's English breakfast tea now. Yes to diet! Hooray to beach sexy body!!! :)

Another fun weekend!!!