Friday, May 23, 2014

Pearl Farm

Finally hitting the beaches of Davao on our second day.

I'm extremely satisfied with Seda's breakfast buffet. They have freshly -baked breads, good selection of cheeses (including Malagos cheese), perfectly-fried BACOOON, panna cotta and crepes! I'm good, I'm good with that! :)

The hotel car brought us to the wharf of Pearl Farm which is a pretty little resort.

The ferry ride to Pearl Farm is less than an hour and I'm excited to dive into the clear waters of Mindanao.
I fell in love with Mindanao when I first went there a few years back for my Cardiology elective in Northern Mindanao Medical Center. I was able to visit Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, Camiguin, and Siargao. The beaches of Mindanao are the best and believe me, most places are peaceful. :)

the other island of Pearl Farm which we visited in the afternoon


floral jumpsuit from Terranova, boho bag from Old Navy, sunglasses from Prada, flipflops from Make Your Own Havaianas, peach pearl earrings from Pearl Farm

swim suit from River Island

wild print? how many tigers and owls are there in my swimsuit?
swim suit from River Island

beach essentials: sunblock lotion, tanning loiton, organic tanning oil, Prada sunglasses, waterproof camera

fail jumpshot! haha!

We were still full from our breakfast buffet so we opted not to avail the lunch buffet which costs Php 1,100/head. We just had dinner buffet that night.

the "butik"

The Mandaya ethnic weaver saidit takes her 2 months to finish this and it costs Php2,000, where is justice? They should sell it at a higher price :)

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the resort, playing billiards and sunbathing on the island across.

How often do you get to play billiards by the beach? I love it! :)