Thursday, May 8, 2014

A dose of Vitamin Sea

I should say that I haven't drank like that in such a long time. I started drinking in the bus, when we were at the room and even before the karaoke started. It was soooo good! :)

my food for breakfast
as a bacon lover, I'm sorry to say that their bacon is hard :(((
too bad because their bacon is overflowing ;'(

now beachy time!!!

the moment I saw this online, I knew I had to get it!
It's so me!!!

and this is my first ever full one piece swimsuit!

monokini from Luscious Closet, sunglasses from Forever21

love these stolen shots

Instagram: themonicapia
(for more timely photos)

After getting a dose of Vitamin Sea, we went to the Country Club to play billiards and bowling. :)

our cute training officer

Of course, I won! :)

More bonding pls!!! :)
Thanks Doc Mario for the treat! :)