Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drinks on chilly afternoon

It's a good thing that I did not leave home until announcements were out. Classes were suspended due to inclement weather so I invited my cousins for some milk tea before another drinking session.

We went home and had some relatives and friends over. It was the perfect weather to drink and celebrate. Celebrate what? Single life! Haha! We started drinking around 5pm and I enjoyed my newly-discovered Tanduay Cocktail in Strawberry Daiquiri while the boys finished a whole bottle of lambanog. Also met a new drinking buddy who apparently knows my ex and other friends, small world!

Stressing this-I'm single :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gulp Gulp Gulp

Heading home on a posh bus, haha!

Had dinner with Precious and Duds at McDo Southwoods, yeah, its the place to be! Haha! There are rumors that there will be a shopping center just like the ones in Paseo Santa Rosa with factory outlets, shhhiizzzzz! Thats so near my place, I can even walk, woohoo!

Went home and had some drinks. oooh, and I made strawberry cheesecake :)

  serving: 5 L of Red Horse, 2 bottles of Lambanog and 1 Tanduay Strawberry Daiquiri

After drinking with the girls, the boys and I checked out the new Rooftop bar in Rosario, Dempster. The place is so cool it's as if you're in Tagaytay, haha! But we find it expensive so after 1 round we went to our dear, SR. :)

view from the Bar
Southwoods and the McDonalds, haha!

Weekends with great company. :)
and to you, get well soon :)

Community: Day 13

Nutrition Week
The Barangay Health Workers from all of San Juan prepared nutritious dishes to share.

not so healthy, haha!

with Mayor Manalo, Vice Mayor Marasigan and Brgy Capt de Chavez
with Cluster BHWs and Interns

top from my brother, pants from Thailand,"Live to Dance" necklace from St. James, watch from DKNY, Havaianas, sunglasses from Forever21

After our block community diagnosis presentation, we had early dinner at Orange. They have the best mango shake! 

Orange Restaurant in Javier St, San Juan Batangas is a resto in an ancient house which serves good and affordable food and yummy mango shake. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Community: Day 12

Doing our presentation where there is free wifi

Maximize your community rotation
Wear your brother's shirts
Wear old jeans, talk about bell-bottoms
Loosen up! :p

shirt from brother, bell-bottoms from Mudd Jeans, Havaianas, watch from DKNY, sunglasses from Forever21, necklace from bazaar

why we love to hang at Cafeno
Kapeng Barako is 35/mug and refill is 20/mug
woohoo! how cheap can you go?

Community: Day 11

top from Muffin, pants from Angels, Havaianas, watch from DKNY, clutch from mom, sunglasses from Forever21

Come to momma!

Kapeng Barako

We had dinner with our colleagues from the College of Allied Medical Profession since it's their last day already. Panic cooked pasta while Melon and I bought roasted chicken.

 CM and CAMP interns
in our foster home