Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gulp Gulp Gulp

Heading home on a posh bus, haha!

Had dinner with Precious and Duds at McDo Southwoods, yeah, its the place to be! Haha! There are rumors that there will be a shopping center just like the ones in Paseo Santa Rosa with factory outlets, shhhiizzzzz! Thats so near my place, I can even walk, woohoo!

Went home and had some drinks. oooh, and I made strawberry cheesecake :)

  serving: 5 L of Red Horse, 2 bottles of Lambanog and 1 Tanduay Strawberry Daiquiri

After drinking with the girls, the boys and I checked out the new Rooftop bar in Rosario, Dempster. The place is so cool it's as if you're in Tagaytay, haha! But we find it expensive so after 1 round we went to our dear, SR. :)

view from the Bar
Southwoods and the McDonalds, haha!

Weekends with great company. :)
and to you, get well soon :)