Thursday, May 6, 2010


My family impulsively decided to go on a day tour to Corregidor. Since it is super duper hot here, I decided to wear all white and accessorized with red and silver to spice the clothes up, haha!

Ann Taylor top, Chilly Girl pedals, Sewn sandals, oven-baked necklace, Mango hobo bag, Technomarine watch, vintage floral wayfarers (with mom's longchamp)

aircon jeepney with plasma TV,cool huh?

Cruise ship to Corregidor

rode the Tramvia during the tour

I have 350+ pictures so I'm posting very few pics only,haha!

Corregidor is nice island! It is full of history. It used to be called the Paradise Military Base because there are many recreational activities for the military people who live their during World War II. 

I agree that the Filipinos should first travel in the beautiful Philippines before traveling abroad. We have a rich culture, great history, proud people and fantastic travel spots! woohoo!

Proud Filipina!