Friday, April 8, 2011

Potipot Day 1

We left Manila around 7:30am and arrived at Dawal around 2:30pm. From the resort, you can see Potipot Island which is just a 5 minute boat ride. So after unloading our stuff, we hurriedly dressed up then ran to the boat (almost literally). Haha!

 view of Potipot island from our resort

love the powdery not-so-white sand and clear blue water

white dress from Pretty girl Korea, bag from Cole Vintage, headbandana from Girlshoppe, Havaianas, Forever21 sunglasses

bikini from Pricesmart, Havaianas, headbandana from Girlshoppe, Forever21 sunglasses


Survivor Zambales

TRP costume used as white sheer cover-up

There are very few people in the island.  Or was it because it's a weekday? But still, its summer already! haha! Had this place been accessible to Manila just like Batangas, I'm going to visit it every month.

We toured the whole island since it's just small.There are rumors that it was sold for only 10 Million, I almost died! Had I known that, I'm so gonna force my parents to buy it. Haha!!! We left the island around 6:30pm and had early dinner at the resort.

from the boat approaching our resort

baby Jared!!! so cute!

After dinner, we dressed up. The girls watched 13 going on 30 and a Carlo Aquino pagan movie while I sleep deeply. Haha! Remember, I went home 3am from my block party and woke up 6am for Zamba so I'm so knocked-out, haha!

Aside from relaxing at the beach, we all had a good sleep. This trip is really a great detoxification for us after all our final exams. :D