Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Clarkie the sharkie!

Happy birthday to my favorite co-resident, Clarkiekie!!! Haha!

dinner at San Francisco Bistro in McKinley Hill

Truffle Pasta

Baby back ribs in Honey mustard

yummy mango panna cotta
for only 99php!

mango > chocolate

chocolate panna cotta

Starbucks cake for breakfast! haha!
Happy birthday, Clarkiekie!!!

Wakey wakey!

I invited my cousins to try wakeboarding. I am very much into watersports like surfing, skimboarding, etc. and I love that this watersports complex is 30mins away from my house. :)
First time
Second time

top from Cotton On, skirt from bazaar, Wonder Woman Havaianas, limited edition "Michael Kors Manila" bag

wakeboarding Sundays

my partner in all things







feeling pro, honey!

soon! joke!

we all had fun!

We probably are the noisiest group there as our parents and relatives are very loud when cheering us or laughing at us may be, haha! And even if I was post-duty, I was so energetic and giddy to have long rides. i totally am a Piscean. :)

Till next time girls! See you in Calif?

Family that eats together, gets fat together!

Went home on a post-duty Sunday to spend time with my cousins from California and to let them try my newly discovered water sports, wakeboarding (next post).

at Solenad 2 in Nuvali, Sta Rosa

boodle lunch at Seafood island
Filipino style

yummy food presented uniquely

After a tiring wakeboarding afternoon (next post), we went to Paseo de Sta Rosa and ate dinner at Big 30 Pizza where we obviously ate a 30-inch pizza. Hahaha!!!

30-inch pizza is best paired with juice towers

Who doesn't love to eat esp when you are with your family? I love you all! *smooches*

Paul Boulangerie and Patisserie

baking since 1889 in France

We didn't intend to eat in a super duper posh restaurant just because it is Vday so we were just strolling from the hospital to BGC looking for a decent restaurant and it was jampacked everywhere. Surprisingly it wasn't so populated in SM Aura so we decided that it was time to try Paul already. 

soup du jour: Cream of Asparagus

Salade Crevettes Mangue

Paillasson Saumon Fume
yummiest pancake with salmon!
it explodes in your mouth!

Tartine Boeuf

French food is so good! Everything we ate is perfect, we loved it! Actually, it wasn't pricey and i was surprised! :) I highly recommend this! :) 

The most important thing that night is that I am with my Rudden. :)
You know how much I love you honey! :) Thanks for all the happiness!

Spread your wings and fly away!

Instagram photos

first Philippine fashion book in my collection
I was able to read this in one hour and let's not pretend that this is something new
if you love fashion and you collect fashion books, you'll get my point *wink*

the only time I enjoy eating fruits is during hospital conferences
because we have the best fruit platters!

given by a patient on Valentine's day

 one of the most memorable gifts I got from a patient
not only because these are my favorite but because I looked after him for quite sometime
and I'm so happy to see him well and ready to go back to Guam
this is my first case of Pickwickian syndrome :)

first birthday in my batch, weehoo!

first time to cook dinner at home with Clarkieee

very touching gift from my youngest patient with hepatocellular carcinoma
(too sad, she passed away yesterday in a provincial hospital. RIP DP)

Mercato nights!

sweet strawberries fresh from Baguio

Residency is sooo fun and I mean it! :)

Doctors are out!

Finally, a bigger group for post-duty dinner, haha!
Me and my colleagues had dinner at Burger Avenue which is pricey for its quality and taste, but not so bad.

at Fort Strip

my burger with garlic parmesan

post-duty post-dinner drinks at Good Earth

ooohhh so good and refreshing to be out of the hospital with my batchmates

Because doctors also need to unwind! xoxo