Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last summer getaway?

I super enjoyed my summer vacation. Every year, it gets better and better! This summer, I went to Boracay, Palawan, Corregidor, Pico de Loro and Laiya. Plus, I watched Philippine Fashion Week. SUper duper fun!!! ♥

Initially, this outing was scheduled mid-April but one of my uncle got delayed and delayed several times into going back to the Philippines. Good thing, we made it before my school starts, haha!

Laiya is one of the nearest beaches in my place so I'd been there many times already. However, this is my first time to try a different resort. I still prefer Kabayan, the rooms are bigger, balcony and kitchen are bigger and the beach part in front of the resort is cleaner. It's not that this resort is not okay, its just that I'd rather stay in Kabayan next time even if it's a little more expensive.

tube smock dress, red Havaianas, hat from Nuvali bazaar, earrings from Boracay, sunglasses from Jared

Old Navy black dress, bikini from Maldives

Parfait top, bikini from Maldives, aquashoes

We went snorkeling and its the first time of our cousins. All our aunts and uncles scold us whenever we go far. ack! That's why we have life vests! haha! Besides, I'm a Piscean prolly why I love the water so much. Anyway, I saw 2 100pesos bill at sea bottom. I asked the boatman to get it and I just gave them the money. If it were 1000 bills, I won't give them away. haha! I actually thought those were fake money but they were real, haha!

dress from boyfriend

It's starting to rain already. It's Plueys season, yehey! Enough of the sun, I had enough! haha! 

Beach Bum