Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Living the life!

We checked-in at Sofitel (where my dad used to work when he was a fresh graduate).

checking-in at the exclusive Club Millesime

I love our luxury suite. My dress and the background makes me feel like I am in Santorini, haha!

so in-love with this picture

bikini top from Gap, bikini bottom from Topshop, sunglasses from Forever21 

my goofies 


Who doesn't love a life like this? I love staying in hotels even if I used to go here (read: Westin Philippine Plaza) as a kid or even if I stay at least every month in the hotel where my mom works now. Or is it because of my parents' hotel and cruise ship field that I have the affinity for luxurious living?hehe!

Live your life to the fullest! :)