Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The photos you just saw are pictures of Del Monte's pineapple plantation in Bukidnon. The place is totally awesome! I love pineapples!!! So I was so enthusiastic viewing the hectares and hectares of pineapple, haha! We can't help but ask our driver to stop for some photo-op.

photo by Ton Llagas

Bukidnon is like the Baguio of the South. It has a cold weather and a rich vegetation. Past the pineapple fields are bananas, corns, tomatoes, calamansisss (haha!) and pine trees.

Bukidnon is the Baguio of the South. I never expected it to be as breathtaking as this. As we were passing through the plantations on our way to Dahilayan, I told my dad to buy a farm there. Unfortunately, he told me that its far from his family and his friends which is true. But I told them that I will bring them there because I'm sure they will like the place as much as I did. ♥