Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wave 1

I really want to have a fashion blog!!! =D and so I decided that my first few blogs contain old pics of me and I promise to try my best to remember where I got the clothes im wearing...=D

with my mom at White Beach Puerto Galera (2004)
white Penshoppe halter dress, sling bag from Thailand and blue Havaianas

White Beach Resort Puerto Galera (2005)
Top from People are people, Old Navy pajamas, Maui Wave bikini jeans, Dolce&Gabbana shades, random accessories

Boracay (1999)
nah!i don't know what i'm wearing i just want to post this.ha ha!

White Beach Resort Puerto Galera (2005)
Purple Limited Too tank top, purple bikini from Hong Kong

Boracay (2008)
Top from Karl Edwards bazaar, Aldo shades and Havaianas

Boracay (2008)
pink bikini from PinkBelter, pink Liz Claiborne shades, Havaianas

La Union (2007)
Roxy tank top, Roxy boardshorts, Roxy bikini

As much as I want to post more bikini pictures of me, I can't. Haha! My mom will be checking this site, haha!