Monday, January 31, 2011

♥♥♥ blog anniversary ♥♥♥

"Style, as we may have mentioned, is about who you are. Since who we are shifts over time, our style stories are a never-ending bildungsroman. The secret to keeping your style hip, hop, hopping along is to be forever expanding in your cultural horizons. Since style is ineluctably related to the culture in which you live, the more you see, read, sniff, hear or eat, the richer your engagement with the world around you becomes."- Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style

Browsing through fashion blogs and magazines expanded my horizon in terms of style and fashion. Though I can't say that I can wear whatever, I learned to appreciate all styles and I learned not to judge others based on what they wear. I don't have a trademark style and I'm not sure if I'll ever have one. I love different styles and I dress up depending on my mood. All I know is that I'm more confident on what I wear and I'm comfortable on trying different styles. I never claimed that I'm a fashionista or a style guru. I don't dress perfectly always but I'm happy on what I wear and I embrace it. ♥

Blogging became a perfect venue for me to post pictures of where I go, what I do, what I eat and what I wear. I'm not forcing anyone to visit this site so if you drop-by here for whatever purpose you have, THANK YOU! :D I have low hit count because only my friends visit this blog, I just have a few blog followers and  I have no way to publicize my blog cause I don't have a media or fashion connection. Haha! But hey, I'm not after the hits! I created this blog for my own consumption, haha! I love surfing through my stuff and I hope some of you enjoy surfing my closet too! Nevertheless, thank you!

No matter how busy I am with medical school, I'm happy I still have time to go out. I just take all opportunities I have to dress up-but I'm like that ever since, teehee! But you know, I'm just a casual dresser. haha! This will be my 189th post and this is post shows my high-low take on fashion. :D 

dress from Forever21, limited edition bag from Louis Vuitton, shoes from Jimmy Choo

Louis Vuitton Limited edition Robert Wilson Fluo Rose Monogram Vernis Reade MM Tote Bag
(one of my mom's prized possessions and for the nth time, she is not selling this-no matter how much you offer, sorry)

From Fashionphile: Marc (Jacobs) brought in artist and stage director, Robert Wilson for his amazing twist on some traditional vernis bags. You'll find Robert Wilson designs in only the Houston, Lexington, and both the PM and MM Reade styles. His vernis is distinct in the bright florescent colors- neon pink, neon green and neon orange, with a large, geometric contrasting vernis "Wilsonesc" LV logo splayed on the side. Wilson did window displays for Louis Vuitton in the same Flou style as the bags for the Christmas 2002 season.

I love designer brands but I also love to buy from retail shops, bazaars and vintage stores. I hit almost all bazaars and sales in Makati and The Fort. I said this so many times but I'll never be tired of saying how lucky I am to have generous, loving and supporting parents! ♥ Obviously, I won't have what I have without them. I love you mom and dad! ♥ To my mother/shopping buddy whose closet I always ransack, thank you so much! Continue being updated on latest fashion finds and keep on buying them, haha! I benefit a lot! *smooches* To my dad, for all the clothes and accessories from your travels, thank you! Keep them coming! To my brother, thank you for all comments and support, love love! To my friends, don't get tired of taking pictures of me, haha! To readers and followers, especially to those I don't really know, thank you! To haters, I know you, get a life, haha! Envy kills.

Happy anniversary! Enjoy surfing! ♥

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Indelible Ink

my mom's Lyra leather jacket from Qatar (Lyra website), boots from Via Spiga, sunglasses from Forever21, headband from Evita Peroni, bag from Jimmy Choo

I borrowed mom's jacket because I still can't find the perfect leather jacket. I saw one two weeks ago at Dorothy Perkins sale, 50% off, but I was hurrying up so I wasn't able to try it. 
I love mom's jacket which she had decades ago, haha! Though it's boxy and quite short, I super love the buttons-unexpected but so pretty!
I shall force my brother to wear my dad's leather jacket, haha! Exciting! :D
Tomorrow is the first anniversary of this blog, yeyey!!! make sure to come back. :D

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm so glad to be home this weekend, wooooooooooooooooo!!! :D
After Delimondo breakfast, I watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl and (at long last) Black Swan! so late, I know... aside from toxic OB sked, I was kinda scared to watch it because of my chicken/bird phobia (I was kinda paranoid that there will be actual birds in the film, haha). For the sake of ballet, I watched it and glad that I did! The movie made me miss dancing in my pointe shoes. FYI, I danced ballet for 9 years. ♥

my mom just loves pastries from Peninsula

black kimono top from mom, gifted belt from Folded&Hung, peep toe wedge clogs from Cole Vintage, sunglasses from Forever21, bag from Jimmy Choo

Went out to watch Love and other Drugs which is a nice movie especially that I can understand the medical aspects of the film, haha!
I'm excited to see Burlesque! Hooray to weekly movie nights!
Ate at Gerry's Grill after the movie and had dessert at Caramia Gelateria.

New York cheesecake
Blog anniversary approaching... :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Slumber Party

Remember our first SISzle? costume party 
We had our second SISzle last night, weeet!!! I attended even though I have an exam two days after. Haha!

We had a slumber party. Days before, all I have in mind is to wear my slipper socks. I actually planned buying leopard print pajamas to match my slipper socks but then I thought of wearing men's polo and have a "the after" theme. haha! And so...

 the morning-after girls

photo by Nikki

photo by Nikki

yummy!!! baked by my sisses =D

photo by Nikki

photo by Nikki

in the zone, playing the "Movie Geek"
photo by Nikki

we voted on what movie we wanted to watch
Flipped won. BRYCE!!!

winners: me-Kinkiest; Nikki-sexiest; Via-early bird; Isabel-cutest
photo from Nikki's cam

photo from Nikki's cam

yay! sisses! sleeping time

posh freebies

my price, yay!!!

SISzle again next month! :D AFTG!