Friday, April 22, 2011


Week before the trip I already fixed some of stuff since I was busy until the night before the trip. I planned everything that I was going to wear so I only needed a small baggage. Of course, we brought extra bags and a luggage for our buys.

Went home around 1am on April 18, packed my stuff, woke up around 7am for our flight :/
I was drowsy the whole time, haha!

used the bag for the first time ♥

at the airport, mom was wearing her Chanel sunglasses and she changed to her Givenchy sunnies before landing to Singapore, haha!
kanino pa kaya ako nagmana?hehe!

after 3 hours, hello Singapore!

you can use credit card wherever you go!

top from bazaar, vintage floral skirt, gold flats from Fancy Flats, turband from Flatterbuy, sunglasses from Forever21, Michael Kors ♥ Manila bag

We stayed at Fraser Suites in RiverValley Road. This is one of three Fraser hotels in Singapore. We got a 2-bedroom suite which is around 17,00php/night but of course, we got a discount because this is mom's company. ♥

The room has a smaller floor area compared to the one in the Philippines but still the suite is lovely! The smaller room is for the boys, obviously! hehe! 

room of the gents

washroom of the gents

room the ladies

washroom of the ladies

part 2 of our washroom

one for mom and one for me



living room

Happy birthday to my family! ♥

The last time we went out of the country as a family was a few years back when we went to HongKong-Shenzen-Macau. The parents go out of the country more frequently since we have class.

Expect more pictures!!! I have more than 1000 shots, haha!!!