Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday's best

After doing grocery at S&R, we went to Rockwell and checked Luna Gardens for ShoeAddict but we can't park in front and my mom doesn't want a valet because she's iffy that our groceries might be stolen. We parked at Powerplant and checked Wooden Spoon but the waiting line is so long and we're tired and hungry from the grocery so we had lunch at Milky Way.

potato and bacon salad, lumpiang sariwa and dinuguan
Sorry, my mom had the other lumpiang sariwa that's why it looks badly-presented in this picture

 (P.S. Before going home, we bought Pancit Luglug and Mais con Yelo. I was in the car eating the mais con yelo when we noticed that something was spoiled :( it was either the corn or the milk, boo! Boo Milky Way Rockwell!)

We checked almost every shop in Rockwell to look for clothes and shoes for the hospital, hihi! I told you, a girl never runs out of reason to shop :)

Before heading home, of course we dropped by the kiosks at the ground floor.

Tuna and Mushroom Pie

Red Velvet and Russian Cookies
P.S. The best Russian cookies are still the ones from Karl Edwards at NBC Tent

I finished my sansrival in the car because I was disappointed of my spoiled mais con yelo.

I was also sad because Bronuts only had Strawberry Yogurt and i wanted the Belgian Chocolate with Salted Caramel, Cream Cheese and Bacon, Blueberries and Cream and Super Floss! 

Everything was pacified by one of my best buys that day, Bayani Brew. I saw this at Kris TV and I'm proud to say I always watch that, haha!!! Most of all, I am a proud GK Bayani. :) 

 building homes

I was one of the first members of the UP Gawad Kalinga Los Banos and I truly admire the Meloto family, the founder of Gawad Kalinga, for their efforts of eco-friendly sustainable products such as Human Nature and Bayani Brew.

Bayani Brew traces its origins from the native formulations introduced by the nanays (mothers) of the Gawad Kalinga community in the GK Enchanted Farm.

It advocates the use of indigenous ingredients such as lemongrass, pandan, and sweet potato topswhich are the main ingredients of "Bayani Brew Classic" and “Bayani Brew Purple Leaf.”

Bayani Brew wants to be remembered not only for its refreshing beverages, but also as part of a movement brewing a new breed of Filipinos crazy in love with our country.

To cap the night off, I had dinner with my boyfriend. We had Korean beef, clam chowder and blueberry cheesecake. We played Skrib-age (which is just like Scrabble) while watching the telly and he won. Believe me, he had high scores and I did poorly, haha!

perfect way to shoo away the tiredness that day

May we all have a great and blessed week!

Crazy sunday

We waited for the coronation of Miss World 2013 and it was worth staying up late because MEGAN YOUNG won! Congratulations! You make us so proud! Definitely we are becoming the home of beauty queens :)

BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE.  Megan Young earned Philippines its first Miss World title.
Photo by Jory Rivera

We woke up early to catch the last day of the sale at S&R. We arrived before 8am and the line was crazy! I only see those at Make Your Own Havaianas and other wild sales but for the grocery??? Seriously? It was so squishy, it was so hard to drive the pushcart esp when its so full and heavy already. In fairness, I'll say it was worth it because they really have great deals. :) 

P.S. There's this lady who bought 4 pushcart-full of chocolates!!! Is that for the halloween? Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger, omg! I wanted to take a picture but I know its not allowed inside S&R and the lady might feel offended/violated but I really wish I can share a photo with you, haha!


Last month, I had Brazilian Keratin Treatment but without blow-drying it, it's not as good. Honestly, I don't like high maintenance hair. If you know me, you probably know that I rarely visit the salon for haircuts or treatments. I get rebond from time to time and that's easy for me because I don't even have to blow dry it, haha!

Last week, I decided to get another treatment. I tried L'oreal's Pro-Keratin with Xtenso care using Steampod. It's easier and quicker than your traditional rebond.

I hope that result lasts.

 top from Gina Benotti, sunglasses from Prada, bag from Max Mara

Personal style is more than fashion, it is attitude and everything. It’s how you dress, style your hair, decorate your home, act on a date, choose a gift, treat a friend, drive your car, say yes to something, say no to something, do your job, get your job, quit your job, and make your choices. Everything, and I mean everything, can and should be done with a sense of style.-emmaapproved

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hot Stuff!

After running all errands, Rudden and I met up with Levi, the boyfriend of Rudden's sister. Since she is in Australia with the rest of her family, she asked me and Rudden to give Levi a cake.

BEERday boy

Conti's mango bravo

hot stuff
 at Buffalo Wings and Things, Solenad 2, Nuvali

hot stuff
polo shirt dress from Uniqlo, sandals from S. Oliver Europe, Le Pliage bag from Longchamp, vintage Seiko watch

hot stuff
Levi's car

I wrote last week that i've been craving for cheesecake so when we bought a cake for Levi, Rudden also treated me with a blueberry cheesecake. We left it in the car while we had dinner and drinks, I placed it in the fridge when it was supposed to be kept frozen. This morning, tada! retinal detachment! Still yummy though!

During first year med school, I was one of the very very few who come to class in high heels. During duties in the hospital, I opted to wear flats. I bought flats from Dexter, Melissa, TOMS, Steve Madden, Fancy Flats, Tory Burch, Corso Como, Yosi Samra and yes, even Crocs. During internship, I opted to wear sandals or if permitted, even flipflops. I love to wear Havaianas although I know it's not professional looking.

Now I have to go back to closed shoes for the hospital and I should be extra choosy on the clothes I wear. I can now wear my closed flats again and I'm excited to shop for more. I went to this Aldo outlet and I sooo wish I can hoard the shoes because they are super duper on sale but they are sky high, I can't wear them for duties, boohoo!

Always have a reason to shop! :p

Polka Day

Hello world -new hair again!

me: polo shirt dress from Uniqlo
him: polo shirt and shorts from Uniqlo 

We ran errands and had lunch at The Old Spaghetti House where we had pasta and pizza all-you-can. WHEN WHEN WHEN will I seriously start dieting? boohoo!

What is binatog?
It is one of my favorite Filipino snacks! YUM!

I edited my last Europe haul post because I forgot to include my mom's haul last year.
Click the links below :)

Oh Europe, I'll see you in the future!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Now Reading

Greetings from Blogger mobile!

This is my first time to try this app and I hope it works well.

I feel so productive this morning. I got my Tax identification Number, Professional Tax Receipt and Social Security System Number. I feel so grown up! I am also very happy that I got everything quickly. I salute the City hall, BIR and SSS of BiƱan, Laguna for being so efficient and disciplined.

So while still unemployed, let me share to you what I'm currently reading.

September glossies

Medical Books

The weather makes me sleepy always but I try to be productive. 

Let's all keep safe and continue to pray for Zamboanga and for a better weather. :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Cake Rack

Last night after mass, my mom and I dropped by the newly-opened bakeshop of my high school classmate, Anne Pili-Galas.

The bakeshop is so pretty just like the ones you see in The Fort or Makati. Everyone greets you since a lot of excited relatives and friends are there to support the 3-day old shop.

They have different kinds of cupcakes which costs around 55-65php. It might be a little pricey but it's worth-it! I'm sure Anne uses quality ingredients.

They also have cakes. I know that Anne is a great cake decorator because she loves posting her masterpieces and they don't only look pretty and enticing, they look so yummy too!

For starters, we had carrot, nutella, oreo, blueberry cheesecake and 2 red velvets, moist and yummy!
We'll try the cake pops next time!

I not only have a sweet tooth but sweet TEETH! haha! Now, I have a place to run to for a quick fix of sweet cravings!

Visit The Cake Rack Bakeshop at Unit 6B, Rosario Avenue, 4023, San Pedro, Laguna.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Coffee Beanery

It took them such a long time to serve my Cafe Mocha and coffee was spilled on the saucer! It was supposed to be cold but it was at room temperature plus they didn't give me napkins! argh!

Good thing, they had fast internet and I was with someone who makes bad experiences a good one.

Saw this from Yummy magazine and got the recipe of Bacon and pecan pancakes with cream cheese-honey butter! It has everything I love!!!

healthy drinking
because the excuse: "boards celebration" can't be used anymore, haha!

Happy & Love

While in a clinic, I saw the coffeetable book of Health & Lifestyle magazine.

I saw my sorority's issue last September 2011.

There!!! Check out my post about our feature

I spent most of the week at home or fixing applications. I was craving for a lot of things and I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who willingfully gives and satisfies all my cravings!

Wednesday: Cheesecake
Thursday: Pizza and Pasta

Friday: Burger and Onion Rings (no picture)

Thanks honey for always making me happy!