Friday, June 25, 2010

Glam Rock

I'm more on flowy, floral, simple, structured dresses. That's why I really had a hard time looking for clothes to wear for our event which is a Rockeoke. 

Though there was no dress code, I'm really one of those who are game and wants to dress appropriately for the event. Though the bar is just a stone's throw away from my apartment, I gamely wore my best to be a rockstar. Yes, i was a total rock star for a night, haha!

On me: H&M bowler hat, Bay quilted bag, Tomato sequined dress, Aldo boots, chain bling-bling borrowed from Jared
On Joyce: padded-shoulders top from Tomato

I really alloted time to go shopping for the dress that I'm gonna wear for the party, haha! My boyfriend accompanied me to buy clothes. I was actually thinking of a tube dress with studs or something like that. I just need to wear a black dress. I saw this dress and thought that it was too loud with all those sequins, haha! I went to People are people, saw a lot of pretty dresses but were around 3k and I don't plan spending that much money for a party in my neighborhood. I went back to Tomato, tried on the dress, it looks good! besides, its only 650! so cheap right? not bad! not bad! good buy! but wait!!! when i was about the pay, the cashier asked me to pay 325!!! what the heck!!!!! it is on SALE!!! chaching!!! i can't help smiling when i was paying! unbelievable! GOOOOOOOD BUY eh? hahahaha!!!

Anyway, I hope I kinda achieved my goal of looking like a rock star that night! haha! thank you to my friend Jared who forced me to wear his giant cross bling-bling! haha! I kinda felt overdressed for the event, but hey! It's just appropriate, I believe. haha!!! I was super confident the whole night, haha!

with my brod, GR, and our bling-blings!

♥♥♥ Party like a rock star!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


=Fashion + Nationalism
June 12-Philippines' Independence day
           -My Parents' wedding anniversary
           -launch of Havaianas Philippine limited edition pair

Woke up early to go to All Flip-flops to get a pair of the limited ed Havaianas. It's not extraordinary but just for the sake of having it for my collection, I bought them. Haha!

Met my family at Makati then we headed to Resorts World for lunch buffet. We played at the Casino. A lady beside us won 73K, wow!!!

dress from American Retro, gold gladiators from Cocobelle, bag from Ninewest, watch from Fossil, pearl double necklace, Chanel sunglasses

my lovely parents

I'm super lucky to have this family!!! ♥♥♥

dress from American Retro, gold gladiators from Cocobelle, bag from Ninewest, watch from Fossil, pearl double necklace, Chanel sunglasses

After playing at the casino, we went to The Fort to shop.♥

Love long weekends!♥

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A day before medical school starts, our sorority had a team building/memcom workshop/sem starter party which I organized with Nikki.

The place is great! It's in the middle of the city, in front of Manila Bay and is near school. It's such a surprise to have a great pool party venue like that in Malate. Haha! I found out about the place through Cosmo's March or April issue and I inquired right away. 

jumpshorts from Nuvali bazaar, Havaianas IPE

photos by: Joyce Tan

The event is a success. To more parties, sisses!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Solstice

Mom and I arrived early in Rockwell so we strolled first then at exactly 10:30 am we headed to Rockwell Tent for the Summer Solstice. Unfortunately, the bazaar started at 11am even though the invites stated it will start at 10:30am. Some people were upset already, waiting outside the tent as concessionaires were setting up their booths. Argh! First time ever that I went to a bazaar like this. I don't know what went wrong. Anyway...

I'm glad I bought several stuff, haha! I still don't have clothes to wear for June 23. I'll shop tonight with my boyfriend. Back to school on Tuesday, ack!

Had lunch at Kaya

clothes from bazaar, Blanco boots from Spain, Louis Vuitton, Ikea shopping bags

Weekends are for shopping!♥

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rainy enrollment

It's raining everyday already. I didn't open my airconditioning unit last night. Time to save on electricity after a whole summer with ACs on. Haha!

It was drizzling early in the morning when I left my house for school. It took us quiet some time before we got ourselves registered. Argh! I was actually wearing flipflops in school, wearing black leather boots on enrollment may be too much here in the Philippines. (Besides, I had a lot of walking.) Though I have several pairs of boots, I know that some people still find wearing boots a little too much. Honestly, I'm noticing a lot of people in malls or events wearing boots. Oh, I find this people very fasyon and confident. I admire them especially when they can really pull it off and not look trying hard or chipipay.

I'm so excited to bring out my coats, jackets, cardigans, long sleeves, rainboots and all the other boots I have. I wish I'll have an opportunity (esp event) where I can wear them, woohoo! 

URU Manila top, Old Navy leggings, H&M bowler hat, Via Spiga black leather boots

loving the cold weather!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last summer getaway?

I super enjoyed my summer vacation. Every year, it gets better and better! This summer, I went to Boracay, Palawan, Corregidor, Pico de Loro and Laiya. Plus, I watched Philippine Fashion Week. SUper duper fun!!! ♥

Initially, this outing was scheduled mid-April but one of my uncle got delayed and delayed several times into going back to the Philippines. Good thing, we made it before my school starts, haha!

Laiya is one of the nearest beaches in my place so I'd been there many times already. However, this is my first time to try a different resort. I still prefer Kabayan, the rooms are bigger, balcony and kitchen are bigger and the beach part in front of the resort is cleaner. It's not that this resort is not okay, its just that I'd rather stay in Kabayan next time even if it's a little more expensive.

tube smock dress, red Havaianas, hat from Nuvali bazaar, earrings from Boracay, sunglasses from Jared

Old Navy black dress, bikini from Maldives

Parfait top, bikini from Maldives, aquashoes

We went snorkeling and its the first time of our cousins. All our aunts and uncles scold us whenever we go far. ack! That's why we have life vests! haha! Besides, I'm a Piscean prolly why I love the water so much. Anyway, I saw 2 100pesos bill at sea bottom. I asked the boatman to get it and I just gave them the money. If it were 1000 bills, I won't give them away. haha! I actually thought those were fake money but they were real, haha!

dress from boyfriend

It's starting to rain already. It's Plueys season, yehey! Enough of the sun, I had enough! haha! 

Beach Bum