Sunday, June 23, 2013


shopping>studying, for today only :)

top from Abercrombie and Fitch, fringed vest from Forever21, shorts from Forever21, sandals from Forever21, bag from Longchamp, monoearring from Flatterbuy, sunglasses from Europe

my Vietnamese Salad

Glad the Montecillos enjoyed one of my fave bazaars in town! :)

47 days before the boards, may be it will take some time again before I can post. See you soon!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Date with the family and the partners

The boyfriend unexpectedly dropped by the house last night and subsequently had a drinking session with my brother while I study/sleep, another sleep-over! Wee for us!

We woke up late, had dried danggit and pusit for breakfast and fell asleep again. Mom woke us up when Gen, my brother's girlfriend, was in our house already, haha! We just love sleeping together but that also means, less study time, crap 48 days to go!

We went to Alabang Molito Lifestyle and had lunch at Buona Vita and dessert at Le Petit Cherie.

How can I forget to take pictures of the pasta and ravioli! I can't believe it!

halter dress from URU Manila, sandals from Forever21, bag from Longchamp, watch from DKNY, earrings from Suite Blanco

I super get sleepy after eating or may be, I'm just sleepy all the time! Should I have a hormone check? haha!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding bells

I spent last weekend with Rudden's family. And last Saturday, we went to Taal, Batangas to witness the wedding of our friend and brother, Ferdie.

The place is nostalgic, its quiet and similar to Ilocos. I like it! I like old structures and antiques.

dress from American Eagle Outfitters, sandals from Syrup LA, bag from Louis Vuitton, watch from DKNY, earrings from Suite Blanco, necklace from mom

Ferdie and Flora

the Ruralites


Happy 26th anniversary parents!

We had lunch at New Orleans, Bonifacio High street to satisfy our oyster cravings and to celebrate the anniv of our parents. :) It's so so good to be with my family after several days reviewing.

We shopped at Karl Edwards and surprisingly, I didn't buy much! :) saving for something :)

I love you Papa and Mama! More power to you! Congratulations and thank you for everything. Our success is for you and through you, mwah!