Monday, April 29, 2013

Breezy Sunday

Saturday night, the boyfriend, who misses me so much after not seeing each other for 2 days, went to our house for dinner. He had a few shot of drinks with my dad and his friends before we went to Paseo de Sta Rosa to have coffee and crepe.

He had macchiato, I had iced caramel leigeois and we shared on a honey and almond crepe.

He slept in my place so we can attend morning mass in Tagaytay. I am proud to say that through Rudden, I became closer to God. :) Yes, we are truly blessed.

hotness to Tagaytay

at Pink sisters

We went shopping near the church. We bought smoked tawilis, dried baby tawilis, pinipig, ham and cheese empanada. chicken empanada and blessed candles.

Although we had breakfast at home, we decided to have a quick stop at Bag of Beans. We had cold drinks to maximize the breezy morning because for sure, it is oven-hot when we get home.

We definitely love eating after hearing mass

Oh, I love this stolen shot honey!

Steak and mushroom pie

his Iced Macchiato and my strawberry milkshake

because I don't have a outfit-of-the-day shot, ill use this
floral dress from Forever21, necklace from India, earrings from Macy's, bag from Balenciaga, sunglasses from Forever21, sandals from Syrup at People are People

 Thank you for the extreme happiness, my love!

On our way home, we brought white corn and pineapple for my parents. 
At home, I started fixing half of the things i brought home from my apartment. Just think of all the things I have acquired in my unit for 5 years, oh my! I had a hard time fixing them, I have to conduct a garage sale to declog my cabinet. So on Saturday, I'll have a garage sale! 

To my friends in the area, please visit my place on Saturday, 8am-3pm to check on my rarely used clothes, bags and shoes! :) See you! *message me on facebook for details*


I miss dates with Joyce! She is in Pedia so she is quite busy while I go home almost everyday in Laguna the past month.

We went to Two E-com Center, the ala-Macau building near Mall of Asia. I am always in awe when I see this building and I never thought they have a few restaurants there.

I wore this maxi skirt which is on sale before the summer. I was planning to cut and make it into fringes but I decided to wear it once as a plain maxi dress before I decide what to do with it.

Restaurants at Two E-com Center are Larry&Mau Diner, Army Navy, Coffeebean and Tea Leaf, Uncle Cheffy, Alba, Bistro NYC Bar, House of Wagyu Stone Grill and Just Thai. We decided to eat at Uncle Cheffy.
at Uncle Cheffy, Burgos Circle
at Uncle Cheffy, Nuvali

Al fresco dining and guess what, it poured that night while we were eating. It was a cool night! :)

Roasted chicken

Seafood Panizza

maxidress from Terranova, leopard print slim belt from Terranova, sandals from Syrup at People are People, bag gifted from Emy, necklace from Europe, earrings from XOXO-gifted by Joyce

Dates with her, I'll surely miss! We won't be reviewing together so I guess, we will see less of each other over the summer.
Thank you Joyce for making med school awesome! You know that I love you! Mwah!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lovely Sunday

We went to St. Benedict Church in Sta. Rosa to hear mass.
We went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa for lunch at Kanin Club.

gifted dress from my brother, bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, floral sandals from Pabder, watch from DKNY, sunglasses from Forever21

tokwa't baboy

binagoong rice

nilagang baka

ginataang sigarilyas

binukadkad na tilapia

crispy dinuguan

and the aftermath

We had a good sleep when we got home, Rudden and I cannot bear the heat so we sleep with aircon all the time! Hello to my 3k electric bill last month! haha!

My dad enjoyed the Filipino food at Kanin Club. OOOooohhhh, I've been eating a lot again lately! My 1 month strict diet and exercise was put to waste after this weekend because of the endless buffets and eating spree the past days! Ooohhh crap! Just a few weeks before my beach trip! Control control control!

How's your summer body? :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Celebrate, good times, celebrate!

Woke up early, the usual me. We were just staring at the bay, watching two fishermen and listening to my dad telling stories about his childhood.

Breakfast buffet at Spiral

out again for a morning swim
top from Jewels, skirt from Bangkok, sunglasses from Forever21

bikini from What a Girl Wants 

This weekend is not special just because of my graduation but also because it is my families birthday week! Happy birthday family! I love you guys so much! All my achievements are through you and for you! Mwah mwah mwah! :)

To the UP College of Medicine Class 2013, congratulations! :)