Monday, June 16, 2014

Andale, let's go!

I had French lunch with my family and I had Mexican dinner with my boyfriend. Happy tummies!

Andale by Agave is a small open bar in SM Aura. It's a good place to people-watch and just enjoy unlimited cocktails.

Grande Pork Burrito

Unlimited chips, salsa with guacamole

bottomless cocktails
Strawberry Margarita for me
Classic Mojito for Rudden

What better way to spend Saturday than this? :)
Enjoy every moment in your life. Spend time with your loved ones, eat good food, shop till you drop (ok you can skip this), travel the world, drink good beer and cocktails from time to time (from time to time ONLY) and surround yourself with positive vibes and good inspirations.

Brasserie Girolle

I was duty on Independence Day which happens to be the Anniversary of my parents too. I treated them for lunch at Brasserie Girolle, a French restaurant in Fort Strip, during my preduty day.

Tartines de jambon et formage

Mushrooms and Truffle Oil Flat bread pizza

Spaghetti de St Jacques a la creme

Norvege-Saumon poele

Poisson frites

 Brasserie Girolle Burger

I don't know if it's a good thing that you get to treat the family during celebrations when you have work already. Haha! But when you treat a family who has high expectations and who are keen on good food...hmmmm! Pressure!

Happy 27th anniversary again to my parents! I love you both so much! I owe everything to you. May God bless you both for your kindness and love to the people around you. Mwah! Je T'aime!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mercato & Niner Ichi Nana

Food trip and drinks with my Honeypie!
It's Friday night and we opted to have dinner in Mercato because we were craving for pork and chicken intestines. It's so hard to choose what to eat because there are a lot of good food to choose from. We ended up eating Timplador de Cebu and Grilled Intestines :p

Boneless lechon

Small and Large Intestines (pork and chicken)

at Mercato

dress from H&M, Alexa bag from Mulberry, sandals from Forever21

Niner Ichi Nana is Japanese for 917
because this Craft Cocktail Bar is in the Globe building, get it?

my Honey's Paulaner

my "Flower in her hair"
gin, double brewed hibiscus tea, mango shrub, lemon juice, wormowood bitters

My tropical craft cocktail has a very unique taste. The dark yet cozy ambiance plus the type of unique drinks they offer makes me feel like I'm at Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley of Harry Potter. Cool eh?

Niner is a perfect place to spend Friday night with either your partner or your girl friends. It's an exciting place to try new and one-of-a-kind cocktails, get a little kick on a head and spend the night laughing with friends. Plus, you might have a chance to see the owner, wink wink!

duck fat fries

I'm sorry but the duck fat fries of Prost is more raw and tastes. Niner's duck fat fries is seasoned so I'll vote for Prost's fries Birthday in Prost

I'll definitely be back here. :)

Barcino and Magnum

After duty, I had dinner with my sisses at Barcino. It was a cozy night and it was drizzling, perfect for some tapas, cheeses and cocktails.

Hamon, Chorizo, Quezo platter

seafood paella, the bomb!

lovely lovely day!

at Magnum Cafe

Cookie Dough Skillet
all-time favorite

No matter how tired or busy we are, we try to have dinner from time to time. I super miss our batchmates who are so busy and those who are abroad. I love you all batchmates! When will we ever be complete again? :) I can't wait! XOXO

Fun with the Montecillos

sun, sand and smiles

forgot to change the date settings of my waterproof camera again
(won't happen again because I changed it already for the next use)


first drop

hardest part is climbing back up, haha!

sea salt, yum!

After our lunch buffet, we had some drinks and games. Rudden and I played billiards against his parents and shoot, they won TWICE! Some played table tennis and then we all played Guesstures where all girls won! :)

my beach buddy

Thanks Montecillo family for a wonderful beach weekend!