Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2nd's with the girls

After the dinner with my co-residents at Lorenzo's way, I met up with my high school friends to have my second dinner at 2nd's! Hohoho!!!

Guiness Chili

Smoked Duck Tacos

Bacon Chicharon in Buffalo sauce

It's all our first time to eat at 2nd's and we love the cozy place. We enjoyed the good and cool cocktail mixes. Too bad, our group isn't complete.

Farrah, me, Lorejane, Trisha
missing Nicole, Bam, Kathleen and Melissa

Vodka, cold cocoa, macaron syrup, torched marshmallows
One thing made my day today, a consultant told me that I am the coolest resident he had ever met. I  take that as a compliment. I have a rich social life (be it with friends, boyfriend or family) but I still study and do good in work. :) My aim in life since forever is to be well-rounded and do the best in everything. I am perfectionist but also realistic. I strive to always be the best. :) 

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