Monday, May 12, 2014

How to celebrate like an NBA player

For my Honey's 27th birthday celebration, we went to NBA cafe for dinner. It is both our first time to be there and I was amazed on how everything is very NBA! I used to love basketball when I was young, and I even collected a lot of NBA cards. I would opt not to eat lunch or just have hotdog sandwich so I can buy cards or trade it with boys in the class. Haha! (Ok, that's a little secret/price for you reading my blog ;p)

roasted mushroom salad with caramelized onion, arugula,
mascarpone cheese, carrot, and truffle vinaigrette
Pulled pork sliders

Eastern feast for my honey
cheeseburger, beer-battered fish&chips, macaroni&cheese, coleslaw, draft beer

Food is actually good but a lil' expensive. The place is awesome and must-try for sports fanatics. They have cocktails and desserts so girls will also have a great time. :)

Apparently, some avid fans really buy balls like these!

big LCD screens all-over

a true NBA fan should have this in his house

Cheers my honeypie!
You know how much I love you!

his: top from Gap, pants from Folded&Hung, shoes from Aldo
hers: top from Gina Benotti Europe, leggings from Gap, shoes from Jessica Simpson, bag from Cole Haan

  I brought the celebrant to Magnum Cafe for his birthday cake. Of course, we had Cookie Dough Skillet. :)))

Hope you had a great time honey! :)
May you have more birthdays to come and I hope we celebrate all our birthdays together!
Cheers to forever!