Saturday, October 6, 2012

ManilART (2) and Taken 2

continuation of ManilART (1)

I always wanted to go to art galleries but I'm intimidated. I'm not an artistic person and sometimes its hard to appreciate some art works, haha! However, when we found out about this contemporary art show at SMX, we just know we won't miss it.

With more than 40 art galleries who participated, it was really worth it. We saw different works using different media. We took time to appreciate each art work and it was a nice experience.

From the exhibit, we had free coffee before heading to MOA to have lunch and watch Taken 2. I like the first movie and I also like this one! woohoo! so cool! :) watch it, watch it!

Before going home, we stared at the bay...wishing we were at the beach drinking beer and cocktails or like in the movie, having a double chocolate sundae. It's another feel-good weekend. <3 br="br">