Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Restless feet

We arrived around 2am from our Ilocos trip and I was able to sleep only around 3am. Around 10am, my dad saw me "facetiming" with the boyfriend so after, he pushed me to accompany him to do some shopping. I was so so sleepy and I feel heavy.

After lunch, we went to Alabang to buy my brother a new gadget while mom and I had manipedi at California Nails. Ooohhh it feels so good to have your nails done by "experts". We don't mind paying Php440 for a basic mani-pedi if it means clean, perfect and bloodless-woundless cuticles. Since our manicurist passed away a few months ago, we are having a hard time looking for a good manicurist in the salons in our village. So we just went back to California Nails in Alabang where we have our nails done every since I was in high school. Talk about quality for its price. :) We also love Tips 'n Toes and Dashing Diva.

We had early lunch at My Thai and Pho Hoa

Pad Thai

Chicken Green Curry

Beef Pho

What is restless feet?
OOhh we badly need our masseuse Meldith! Why are you on leave? 

Well, I am not to complain. My dad tells me I should just rest, relax and travel as long as I have time. Next year, I'll be back in the hospital where I'll go on duty every 3 days again for 3 years. Oh yeah!!! Exciting???