Monday, November 18, 2013

To Ilocos

NOTE: I made a new section on the right panel of my blog. There is a list of places I've visited since I started the blog. I know it's not much because I was in medical school but I'm happy that I was able to explore a lot of places in the Philippines already.

My family rarely go up north for trips. I've been to Baguio last 2010 and I've been going to La Union for a couple of times to surf with friends. We've decided to go on a tour in Ilocos since no one has ever been there.

This is definitely the longest road trip our family has ever taken!!! Haha!

Around 6am, we arrived at Hidden Garden in Vigan, Ilocos Sur where we had breakfast. The place is so pretty that's why I am not surprised to see a lot of pictures of celebrities who have been there. 


For starters, I had Vigan longganisa. I'm sure I have tried it already but I was surprised that this particular one tasted different. 

After eating, we strolled in their garden and farm. 

This is a good starter for our tour. And I totally commend the clean and pretty washroom which has view of the garden. Nice idea for a house! :)