Monday, December 3, 2012


This week's sources of happiness

1. cooking sessions with the boyfriend

my "Danger! Stressed Cook" toque
his "Christmas Cook"
both from Gourdo's

2. bazaars

Well, ok! I wasn't happy with this year's St. James bazaar. I bought very few items as compared to the previous years, boo!!! I want to have a good shopping spree soon, please!!! Last year, I had 2 Ikea shopping bags full, this year my Tory Burch (which I initially thought of as small) is not even full!!! What's up with that? :/ 

What kept me happy at least is that Rudden accompanied me and was very patient as I check every stalls even if its so squishy and hot (good choice for me for wearing tube, skirt and flats).

corset from Boosteeyay, skirt from bazaar, sandals from S. Oliver Europe, sling bag from Liz Claiborne, bag from Tory Burch

3. surprises in the apartment

He would leave me chocolates and love notes in my apartment but the other day, he gave cashew nuts to Jared. Loving that he also cares for my friends. You're the sweetest, honey! :)

4. Facebook Video Chat

We see each other almost everyday but we've been more clingy because aside from talking and texting all the time (thanks a lot to SunCellular) , we started using FB Chat where we talk and see each other, haha! The best! :)

P.S. Honey, everyday you are my source of happiness.

5. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 18th edition

For years, I really wanted to go into Internal Medicine but I'm scared because the physicians under the department are so great! I super idolize all of them but I'm also intimidated, this made me think twice about this specialization, haha! It took me a while to decide whether I should buy the latest edition of Harrison's. When I got into IM a few days ago, I'm itching to have the latest book but I'm scared that I won't be able to maximize it esp if I don't go into Internal Medicine. My parents convinced me to buy the book no matter what subspec I'll be taking in the future. So yay, I bought already! Thanks parents!

It's 4:18am (12/4/12) and I just took a break from reading my new book. I should maximize it's worth! It's so expensive, haha! This is it IM! You're still my number 1!