Saturday, April 28, 2012


It wasn't until mid-afternoon when we learned that the resort doesn't serve food, cold water and other alcoholic beverages aside from San Mig Light and lambanog. Good thing we ate a lot for breakfast so we didn't eat lunch anymore. For dinner, I requested one of the caretakers to buy food in the market and have them cooked. 

fried sari-sari (assorted) fish 300php/kilo

ginataang local squid 100php/kilo

We enjoyed our dinner not only because it tasted good but more so because we don't have any other food to eat. Haha!

partying with my playlist never fails!

white top from Forever21

We're aware that there is no electricity in the island and that the generator is on from 6pm-5am only. We slept in our hut with mattresses on the floor with bonus mosquito nets. It was a bright idea that Via brought an extension cord since we a need to charge while there is still power.

Had it not been of the company of my sisses, I might have declared this trip not worthy of the hassle and travel time, haha!Thanks batchmates! :)))