Monday, April 9, 2012

Pitstop Coffee Shop

One late afternoon, I was so bored and when I get bored, I get hot-headed. Haha! So I went out, brought my car to the carwash station before heading to the coffee shop I mentioned in my previous post.

What I love:
  • the sports bar vibe
  • the cozy seats by the window
  • the cutesy seats outside (for smoking)
  • the bell in each table used to call the waiters
  • the extensive car collection of (if I'm right) the German owner
  • the cheerful crew
  • the saucy and delish Carbonara served with bread and cream cheese
  • the well-presented White Oreo Mochaccino with grated white chocolate on top

They also sell shirts, mugs, and lots of other stuff with car designs.

top and shorts from Nuvali bazaar, Havaianas Flash, sling bag from Liz Claiborne, earrings from Puerto Galera

If this cafe is in Manila, it will surely be a hit! It's a perfect place to study or to just lounge. I hope it will last forever! It's definitely place where I can go on my own when I'm dying from boredom since I'm a person who'd rather be busy than do nothing at all. :)

For today, I shall renew my license, watch a movie and grab my Jamba Juice.
Tomorrow, maybe I can check the Bubble Tea place near this cafe. :)
Cheers to discovering eating and drinking (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) places here in the south. :)