Monday, April 30, 2012

Acquiantance Party

My first ever rotation as a medical intern is at the Pediatric Out-patient department. It's benign compared to Wards, NICU and ER but we'll still go on duties as relievers. Since it's holiday today (May 1), I don't have to go to the hospital but I still went back to Manila earlier (April 30) to attend the supposedly "Acquiantance Party" of the interns. The party's primary purpose is to get-to-know the post-graduate interns from other schools, but no! Only 5 out of around 105 attended, boo! Hahaha!

tube top from Forever21, skirt from Forever21, Havaianas, bag from Liz Claiborne, leopard earrings from Korea, gold watch from mom

the only brod who attended, haha!

Hello to the 5 PGIs who attended: JC, Third, Christine, Toby and Blake.
Sooo am nervous but at the same time, excited on internship! I promise to focus well on my studies as it will surely help in the medical boards next year. I hope I still have time to detox or surely, my off will be sweeter than before as I will cherish every freedom I'll be getting.

For now PGH says this...